flynas Route Map

Our flynas flight route map shows you all the destinations we fly to, allowing you to get planning your next trip with us.

Although we offer flights from a range of popular airlines, we too have our own fleet of plains, flying you to over 80 locations across the world.

Each pointer on the flight routes world map highlights where we offer scheduled flights to; and it’s pretty clear we travel to a variety of destinations.

As you can see, it’s not just domestic flights that we operate. Venture further afield by flying to popular destinations such as Athens and Vienna.


Domestic Flight Routes

As you can see from the route map we offer a large amount of domestic flights across Saudi Arabia.

So whether you are taking an internal flight for business or pleasure, you are sure to find a route that caters for your requirements.

Some of our more popular domestic flights include traveling to Riyadh, Jeddah and Madinah, which will come as no surprise, as these are all cities in Saudi Arabia and are also great tourist destinations.

Domestic flight routes to Jeddah

If you are planning a trip to Jeddah we offer direct flights here from four destinations in Saudi Arabia.

So, if you are from Abha, Gizan, Gassim or Damman you have the real convenience of flying to Jeddah with no stop over.

Don’t worry if these locations don’t cover your area, our connecting flights will ensure you get to Jeddah via the best possible route.

Domestic flight routes to Riyadh

The capital city of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, is a very popular place to visit, with a wealth of things to see and do there.

Take the time out to visit the Al Rajhi Grand Mosque, or embark on a shopping trip at the Al Nakheel mall.

What’s great is that at flynas, we run direct flights to this city from nine airports in Saudi Arabia.

To name just a handful, you can fly direct from Dammam, Bisha and Gizan.

Other domestic flight routes

When it comes to browsing flynas domestic flights, you’ll soon see that we don’t just fly to the most popular destinations.

We offer a range of internal flight routes. Here’s just an example of the routes we fly:

  • Dammam > Madinah
  • Jeddah > Tabuk

International Flight Routes

If you’re looking to travel further afield then be assured that we are here to help.

We fly to a variety of top destinations offering international flights across the middle east and beyond.

So when it comes to booking your holiday, we recommend you visit flynas to secure cheap international flights.

We’ve shared some of our top flight destinations with you below…

Flights to Egypt

Known for its breath-taking pyramids and wealth of history, Egypt is a must visit destination.

You may be surprised to hear that Egypt has over ten airports, and we fly to seven of them. So with a variety of airports across Egypt to pick from, you have real choice when it comes to choosing your holiday location.

Cairo in particular is one of our popular flight routes, so if you’d like some travel inspiration have a read of our guide here.

We do however only fly direct to Egypt from three destinations in Saudi Arabia – Abha, Riyadh and Jeddah. Therefore, you may need to book a short connecting flight to one of the specified airports.

Flights to Sudan

Located to the west of Saudi Arabia, Sudan is another international flight you can book with us.

You can fly direct here from Jeddah, Madinah, Riyadh and Dammam, with all these airports landing into Khartoum.

Not only is it the origin of the river Nile, there’s a wealth of history to explore.

Flights to Pakistan

Book a flight from Riyadh or Dammam, direct to Pakistan.

At flynas we fly to Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, all of which are popular locations to visit when traveling to Pakistan.

As they are all cities, they will have good transport links, allowing you to explore the country further when you arrive.

Flights to Lebanon

We offer a direct flight from Riyadh to the capital city of Lebanon – Beirut.

The flight duration direct is around 2 hours and 55 minutes.

So if you are thinking of booking a flight there, why not take a look at our Beirut travel guide? This will help advise on the things to see and do whilst you’re there.

Flights to Turkey

Turkey, known for its culture, stunning beaches and archaeological sites, you won’t go short of things to do when you travel there.

So if you are considering visiting, why not book your flight with flynas.

Direct flights depart from both Jeddah and Riyadh landing in the following Turkish airports – Adana, Hatay and Sabiha.

Flights to United Arab Emirates

You can fly direct to Abu Dhabi and Dubai from both Riyadh and Jeddah. Dubai flights also depart from Abha.

Both great locations to explore in the UAE, so even if the three dedicated airports aren’t close to you, flynas have a range of internal connecting flights to ensure you get to your chosen destination with ease.

Flights to Kuwait

If you are looking to travel direct to Kuwait, flynas fly direct from Jeddah, Madinah, Riyadh and Taif. With a variety of flight options to suit your needs.

Located at the top of The Gulf, there’s lots to see and do here. Our guide will help you plan your trip if you’re looking for ideas.

So if you have explored our route map and guides, and have come to a decision on where you’d like to travel to, why not visit our online booking form to pick the travel that’s right for you?

Comparing a range of flight options you’re guaranteed to secure a convenient flight.