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Fly to Sohag

Known as the Bride of the Nile, Sohag has a much smaller population than other Egyptian cities. However, it still has a range of tourist attractions and is home to several famous actors and musicians. Book cheap flights to Sohag now with flynas.


Sohag Attractions

Sohag has a number of attractions including the Sohag Museum, which contains over 5000 artefacts. There are also the Sidi Arif Mosque and the el-Fashuti Mosque as well as a few well-known churches in the region. There are mummies that date back to Roman time, in addition to archaeological sites to explore. The city is also the site of temples and tombs worth exploring.


Shop Sohag

Carpet making is a well-known trade in Sohag, so you can pick up a hand-made rug as a souvenir. Also, head to the bazaars, Souq el-Qisareya and Souq el-Itnein if you’re looking for authentic gifts and keepsakes.


Eating out in Sohag

Whether you prefer to try the local street food or dine-in, there are a few popular restaurants on offer. Hotel restaurants can offer more of an international menu if that is what you prefer.


Sohag Hotels

There are only a few hotels in Sohag, which are located across both sides of the Nile -most of them 3-star.
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Transport to and from Sohag Airport

flynas arrives into the Main Terminal at the Sohag Airport, which is located in the Sohag Governorate, just 25km from the city centre. Once you’re on the ground the best modes of transport are taxis and cars for hire.



Taxis are readily available however it is best to confirm the fare first before riding as meters aren’t always in use.


Weather in Sohag

Sohag experiences typical desert climates with highs of 47 degrees in the peak of summer and 30 degrees in winter. There’s also hardly any rainfall throughout the year.


Events in Sohag

Aside from local football tournaments, you can check out National Day celebrations in Sohag(April).