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Are you missing SMILE Points?

Claim them now! It’s very easy, simply follow the below steps to submit your claims for your previous flights and keep on earning SMILE Points.

Login to your flynas account by visiting and entering your flynas email address and password.

When logged in, click on 'MISSING SMILE POINTS' from the menu on the right.

Fill in the needed details for your claim, and once all details are matching, you will be awarded the SMILE Points within 7 days.

Some important tips to remember when claiming missing SMILE Points

Flights should be within the last 90 days.
♦ Member must have flown in person; claim cannot be made on flights booked on behalf of other passengers.
♦ First & Last name in nasmiles account and booking itinerary must match.
Claims submitted via feedback form, email or call center are not accepted.

Once your claim goes through, your SMILE Points will be awarded to your naSmiles account within 7 days. Updates on your missing SMILE Points claim will be communicated to you via email.