Flight schedule
Flight schedule

Get up-to-the-minute information with our flight schedule too. Simply select the cities you are traveling between to see where we fly to & when.

Note: No schedule for the connecting flights

flynas flight schedule

When you book a flight with flynas, make sure you are up to date with the latest information on our flight schedule. It will give you up-to-date information about the places we are traveling to and the exact dates of travel.

So whether you're traveling on business or on vacation, rest your mind and make sure you know the latest and most important information about your trip.

Book a flight with flynas

The best thing is that when you book your flight you will get a favorable price for your flight ticket as we offer cheap airline tickets offered through a range of popular airlines.

The simple airline ticket booking system allows you to manage your trip efficiently, so you can plan your trip in no time.

We don't just stop at flights

Through our partnership with booking.com, you can book your hotel at the same time as you book your flight; we guarantee that you will find suitable accommodation.

For more information on the destinations we fly to, please see a selection of travel guides that we have put together for you.

Are you looking for inspiration for your travel?

If you're not quite sure where you want to travel to, or need inspiration for an itinerary, take a look at our range of detailed travel guides.

We have guides for Dubai, Dammam, Sharm El Sheikh and many more destinations.

Each guide covers some of the best places to visit, suggestions for hotels and restaurants, along with destination-specific tips to make sure you know where you're going.

We work to ensure that you are fully prepared for your journey, equipping you with complete knowledge of your chosen destination.