Group flight bookings

Whether it’s for business or leisure, if you’re planning a group trip for 10 or more people - why not leave it to flynas and our friendly group booking service?

We’ll help you manage your group flight ticket booking in the easiest, cheapest, and most flexible way possible, so that all that is left for you to do, is look forward to your trip.

Benefits of group flight bookings

  • A specialized booking team
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Get seated all together.
  • Share the baggage allowance
  • Update passenger names later

Book your group flight with flynas

To make your group booking today, simply contact us on… [email protected]


Yes , so make our plans early.

Minimum Group per flt is 10 pax.

Yes, you can fly to any destination within the Flynas network.

Group Pax must travel & return together.

Currently the service is not available. However, you can fill the form online and send it to Groupsdesk and they will be glad to assist you.