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Kuwait City, the capital of Kuwait, is a bustling metropolis that welcomes tourists and business people from all over the world. Its stunning skyline is a sight to behold, while it is also home to some fantastic beaches and a number of fun, exciting activities. In addition to all that, it has some amazing restaurants. The food here is one of the best in the Middle East.

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Attractions and acticities to do in Kuwait City


There are many different ways to spend your time in this wonderful city. Here are some sights we recommend you take a look at...


♦ Scientific Center

The Scientific Center is extremely fun. Whether you’re looking to browse the aquarium, and all the incredible creatures on display (such as the giant spider crabs), watch an educational film at the IMAX cinema, or visit the interactive learning center – you can do it here.


♦ Tareq Rajab Museum

If you’re looking for an activity more integrated with the local culture, then there are a number of great museums in Kuwait City. The Tareq Rajab Museum hosts some remarkable exhibitions, and displays items such as Saudi gold jewellery, a Mongol helmet and historical Arabic manuscripts.


♦ Kuwait House of National Works

Memorial Museum For a more sombre museum experience, head to the Kuwait House of National Works. It is an establishment that was set up to remember and pay tribute to the Kuwaiti nationals who died during the Iraqi invasion, which sparked the first Gulf War. Definitely worth visiting.


♦ Kuwait Towers

The three Kuwaiti Towers rise above the rest of the city, and represent one of the most recognisable pictures of this nation. The largest tower holds a Viewing Sphere, offering the best views in all of Kuwait. An experience you simply can’t miss.


♦ Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque is a beautiful building, and one that you should at least see from the outside. If you do wish to go inside, however, then there are tour guides available. They’ll educate you on the history and importance of this particular mosque.


Eating out

As mentioned earlier, Kuwait City is a place filled with excellent restaurants. There are some truly amazing dishes that you need to try during your stay.


Name: Burj Al Hamam

Type: Lebanese

Budget: Low

While this restaurant specialises in Lebanese dishes, you’ll find foods on the menu inspired by lots of places around the world – such as Egypt and Armenia. You can sit on the terrace here, which has a spectacular view of the sea, and tuck into well-cooked meals such as the hummus with lamb specialty.


Name: Le Notre

Type: French

Budget: Medium

Speaking of great views, those who choose to dine at Le Notre will have the Kuwaiti Towers in their sights. The food includes traditional French dishes, such as exquisite lamb and ricotta risotto. It even offers pasta and pizza options.


Name: Dukkan Burger

Type: Kuwaiti

Budget: Low

A traditional burger joint, with an added Kuwaiti twist. Dukkan Burger has a wide range of options, which cater to practically every taste. If you want a simple burger, then that’s fine (they are delicious), but if you’re feeling adventurous – then we’d recommend trying a spiced shawarma burger.


Name: Al Boom

Type: Seafood

Budget: High

Where else would you rather enjoy amazing seafood, other than on the hull of a boat? Al Boom is quite expensive, but offers an unforgettable experience. The chef’s cook the finest dishes, using the freshest ingredients. If you visit, make sure to try the Omani Lobster.


Name: Slice

Type: Turkish

Budget: Low

Slice is a simple place, but one filled with good, very affordable food. What makes this restaurant special, however, is the array of sauces, which include spiced yogurt, tahini, chilli and garlic. These really enhance your regular chicken and beef dishes, served with salad.

You can find the location of each restaurant on the map below:

Kuwait map


The Weather in Kuwait City

Like everywhere else in the Middle East, the temperature in Kuwait City is relatively high throughout the year. It is naturally hottest in the summer months, from May until August, yet gets cooler during other times of the year. If you want warm weather that isn’t uncomfortably hot, then the best time to visit is in February, March or November.


Events in Kuwait City

There are a number of interesting events that take place every year in Kuwait City. If you’re visiting at the right time, then here are the ones we recommend you check out…


Name: National Day

Date: February

Many nations across the world celebrate their day of independence, and Kuwait is no different. It is a big event for locals, who host parties and create some mesmerising fireworks displays. As a public holiday, most people have the day off work, and spend their time with family.


Name: Liberation Day

Date: February

A second national holiday in the month of February -Liberation Day, remembers the day Kuwait was liberated from Iraqi occupation. Memorial services are typically held, as people remember those who died during the conflict.


Name: Kuwaiti Jazz Festival

Date: June

Music fans might want to consider heading to the city in June, when the annual Kuwait Jazz Festival takes place. Here you will find some truly talented musicians – some local, and some who have come to Kuwait City just for this event.


Name: Kuwait Film Festival

Date: December

Around this time every year, the Kuwaiti Film Festival is held to showcase the best this country has to offer. Directors are encouraged to submit their short films, with writers and actors making appearances to promote their work. If you’re a film buff, then you should definitely pay a visit.


Transport in Kuwait City


Taxi Taxi

 Taxis in Kuwait City are convenient and relatively affordable. You’ll find plenty waiting outside airports and hotels, but there are others out on the streets waiting for customers.

Bus Bus

There is a bus system in Kuwait City, but it is quite unreliable. There’s a distinct lack of information and scheduling. Taxis definitely represent the best option.

Other Considerations


The Kuwaiti Dinar is used in Kuwait. 1 KD is equal to $3.31 and £2.52.

The cost of living is approximately 10.39% higher than in the United Kingdom, but 14.31% lower than New York City.

Insider Tips

Kuwait is one of the safer countries in the MENA region. However, be careful when crossing the road, as taxi drivers can drive quite recklessly.
While in Kuwait, do not talk badly of the government. Criticising the ruling family is illegal.

If you are visiting Kuwait City for a lengthy period of time, then you should consider planning a trip to other parts of the region. The Gulf has many fascinating areas, ready to be explored.

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