flynas Fleet

Airbus A320neo

flynas continues to grow and invest in its product with a recent agreement with Airbus to purchase 120 new with a mix of A320neo and A321neoXLR aircraft. We have now received a total of 23 A320neo aircraft of this particular model and we look forward to receiving more over the coming years, allowing us to have the most modern fleet in world aviation. Our new aircraft provide passengers with greater comfort at affordable prices while still being environmentally friendly.


Passenger Capacity Height | Length Thrust

170 Seats ( 8 Premium Class / 162 Economy Class )

11.75 m (38 ft) | 3,70 m (12 ft)

27,120 lbs

Wingspan Maximum Speed Maximum Range

34,1 m (111 ft)

0.82 Mach (876 km/h)

6,500 km (3,500 nautical miles)

Cabin Width Engine Altitude

37,57 m (123 ft)


39,800 ft