Whether you are traveling with just cabin baggage or hold baggage too, please read below for more information on baggage allowances and restrictions. Baggage Allowance refers to the baggage you are permitted to travel with free of charge - this will vary depending on the fare you have purchased, please read our flynas Fare Regulations for full details. For details on restricted items, click here.

For codeshare and interline flights operated in partnership with our partner airlines, 20Kg Check-in baggage allowance for economy and 2X20kg for premium class. (Except on CAI route with 30kg on Economy class)


Hold Baggage

Light Value Plus Premium


no 1 X 20 kg 1 X 30 kg N/A
International - Group 1 no 1 X 20 kg 1 X 30 kg 2 x 20 kg
International - Group 2 1 X 20 kg 1 X 30 kg 2 x 20 kg 2 x 20 kg
Economy Class Premium Class
International - Group 3

1 X 30 kg

2 x 20 kg
Group 1 → Kuwait, Dubai, Amman, Sharm Elsheikh, Istanbul, Trabzon, Tbilisi, Batumi, Baku, Sarajevo, Hurghada, Tirana, Salzburg, Prague, Bodrum, and Tashkent
Group 2 → Antakya, Lahore, Islamabad, Khartoum, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Lucknow, Calicut, Cairo, Mumbai and Sohag
Group 3 → Baghdad & Erbil

Infant passengers are entitled to take 10 kg of hold baggage.

♦ Each guest may carry 1 piece of cabin baggage with maximum dimensions of 56cm H, 36cm W, 23cm D and a maximum weight of 7kg. For any additional pieces will be chargeable.

♦ If your Cabin Baggage exceeds the maximum dimensions or weight, or if we decide it is not safe, you must check it in as Hold Baggage. Excess Baggage fees will be charged if your Hold Baggage exceeds your Baggage Allowance.

♦ Please note that due to airport security procedures you are restricted to 100ml of each Liquid, Aerosol and/or Gel in your Cabin Baggage. These must be carried in a transparent re-sealable plastic bag with a maximum capacity of 500ml. This excludes medicines and infant food.

♦ Infant passengers are not entitled to take Cabin Baggage.

The acceptance and carriage of Excess Baggage will be up to flynas’ sole discretion in accordance with the flynas baggage allowance policy and cannot be guaranteed.
If you plan to travel with more than your Hold Baggage Allowance you can save up to 50% by paying in advance. Simply click here to add to your flight booking or to connect with our Call Center simply call:

From KSA: +966 920001234

International number: +966 114349000

Excess Baggage Fees are charged as follows:

Route Pre-paid bag 15 kg
Pre-paid bag 20 kg Pre-paid bag 25 kg Pay at the airport 20kg

Airport per kg over permitted max kg

Flights within KSA

SAR 69.99 SAR 115.99 SAR 159.99 SAR 150 SAR 20

Sharm Elsheikh

SAR 105 SAR 180 SAR 250 SAR 225 SAR 40

New Delhi
Mumbai and Sohag

SAR 185 SAR 300 SAR 420 SAR 425 SAR 60

Prices are subject to change without any prior notice

On arrival at your destination your Hold Baggage will be sent from the aircraft to the baggage hall. You must collect your Hold Baggage as soon as we have made it available to you at your destination airport. If you do not collect it within a reasonable time, we may charge you a storage fee. If you do not claim your Hold Baggage within 3 months from the date we make it available, we may dispose of it without any or the least liability on us. If you cannot find your Hold Baggage, please speak to our representative (any member of the airport staff ) in the Baggage Hall. If your Hold Baggage cannot be found you must complete a PIR form to register Lost Baggage. The PIR form must be completed in the Baggage Hall and signed by our representative. If you leave the Baggage Hall without completing a PIR form we will be unable to process any request for compensation.

You may transport your baggage using our Cargo Service. This service is most useful on flights that have a restricted flynas baggage allowance or a seasonal embargo on excess baggage, please refer to the Cargo Service at

Please contact our Cargo Service in advance of your travel for information and/or to make arrangements for transporting your baggage via cargo.

Sports Equipment can either be pre-booked at a discounted rate online or at a standard rate at the airport.

Passenger are entitled for up to 32kg of appropriately packed Sports Equipment (No individual piece of baggage should exceed 32kg) that must be paid for and will not be checked within the baggage allowance.

The following conditions apply to the carriage of Sports Equipment:


To be accepted for carriage, bicycles must be suitably packed in a hard case or Bike Pack with tires deflated, padals removed, & handle bars fixed parallel to the frame.

If the bicycles length exceeds 180 cm, the front wheel should be removed and fixed next to the rear wheel, within the box, and If the bicycle constitutes excess baggage, then excess baggage charges will apply.


To be accepted for carriage, surfboards must be placed in a surfboard bag and cannot exceed 32 kg and 2 meters in length.

*Windsurfers cannot be carried as baggage due to the length of the sail mast.

Surfboard fins must be removed, where possible, and placed in an enclosed compartment in the bag, or taped to the board. Passengers must complete and sign the Conditional Acceptance portion of the baggage tag.


Golf equipment should be packed in a recognized golf case.

Fishing Equipment

Fishing rods must be protected in a PVC cylinder, with screw ends obtained from a local fishing store, or in PVC plumbing or electrical tubing and must not be strapped to suitcases.

*flynas accepts no responsibility for unprotected fishing rods.

Scuba Diving Equipment

Scuba equipment must be suitably packed. Knives must be carried in checked baggage and spear guns unloaded, with spears separately packed. Flares, incendiary or explosive spearheads must NOT be accepted. Scuba equipment must be suitably packed. Knives must be carried in checked baggage and spear guns unloaded, with spears separately packed. Flares, incendiary or explosive spearheads must NOT be accepted.

*Air tanks will be accepted for uplift only when empty and the regulator tap is open. Therefore, pressure gauges must be sighted to ensure the tanks are empty. The gauges must not be higher than the lowest increment.

*A handling fee of SAR 100 will be incured at the check-in counters for non-standard or over-sized items of baggage (e.g. sporting equipment) that are larger than 158cm H+W+D :