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flynas passengers can apply electronically for Stopover through its website. The Stopover visa application will be passed automatically to the unified national visa platform at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to process and issue the electronic visa immediately within 4 hours as maximum and send it to the beneficiary via e-mail.
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Anyone can get a transit/stopover visa. Those passing through Saudi on their way to another destination and flying on Saudia or Flynas are eligible for special offers; those flying on another carrier should apply for a standard transit/stopover visa.

It takes about three minutes to apply.

Once you have booked and paid for your flights, you can apply and your transit/stopover visa will be emailed to you almost instantly.

The transit/stopover visa is free but is subject to administrative and medical insurance fees.

You may apply for a transit/stopover visa up to 90 days before your travel.

The transit/stopover visa is valid for 96 hours upon arriving in Saudi.

Yes, transit/stopover visa holders can apply to perform Umrah during their stopover in Saudi via, but the transit/stopover visa may not be used for Hajj travel.

Yes, you can apply for the transit/stopover visa if you are planning to visit Saudi en route to your final destination as long as your stop in Saudi does not exceed 96 hours.