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Fly to Amman

As the capital of Jordan, Amman boasts a rich culture 5500 years old. Its biggest feature is its location on the Red Sea, as well as the easy access to Petra. Book cheap flights to Amman now with flynas.


Amman Attractions

In Amman, the Red Sea is a must-visit especially if you’re an avid scuba diver or enjoy snorkelling over the coral reefs. Other sites to see include The Citadel at sunset, the Roman Amphitheatre, the Abu Darwish Mosque, Wadi Zarqa Ma’in and Darat al Funun which means ‘small house of the arts’. The most popular attraction, Petra, is located a three-hour drive outside of Amman - a day-trip worth doing.


Shop Amman

There are five great areas to head if you’re looking to shop. The cobblestoned Rainbow Street (Shari’ Al-Rainbow) has many boutiques and cafes. Wakalat Street is where you’ll find shops such as Zara and Gap. If you’re looking for traditional products head to the Abdali Market, which is open Thursday night and Friday. There’s also downtown Amman which is known as the Balad. Here you’ll find woodcarvings, tea sets, hand-carved ornaments and Dead Sea products.


Eating out in Amman

If you’re looking for traditional eateries, you should try Hashem restaurant, an outlet where King Abdullah II famously ate at . It’s located on Al Amir Mohammed Street. Also,Fakhr El-Din serves delicious traditional Arabic food. However if you’re looking for something more modern, try Oobe at the Al Qasr Hotel, and Romero, Amman’s oldest Italian restaurant. During the day, Rainbow Street is great for cafes.


Amman Hotels

There is a good selection of hotels in Amman, from budget accommodation right up to 5-star resorts.
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Transport to and from the Amman Airport

flynas arrives into Terminal 2 at the Queen Alia International Airport, which is located 45 minutes from the city centre. Once you’re on the ground the best modes of transport are taxis, buses and cars for hire.




Metered taxis are readily available 24 hours a day however after midnight metres are not required to be in use, so insist on a metre at all times to avoid paying an inflated price. Taxis from the airport should cost 20 Jordanian Dinars ($28).



Buses are also located outside Terminal 2, and leave every 60 minutes 24 hours a day except between midnight and 6am when they run every two hours. Bus tickets cost JOD3 ($4).



Weather in Amman

While it’s hot and dry during summer, the winter rains tend to cool the city down. There’s also snowfall a few times a year. The best time to visit however is during spring when the weather is cooler and the flowers are in bloom.


Events in Amman

Amman hosts a number of events including the Jordan Car Show (April), Dum Tak Festival (May), Amman Citadel Festival (August), Demencia Music Festival (August), Art Week Amman (September), Welcome to As-Salt Festival (October) and Sky Dive Jordan (November).