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What is nasmiles Family Account?

Family Account Square nasmiles members will earn more SMILE Points when setting up a family account. Simply watch your earning go faster and get ready to take off to your next trip through our exciting & wide selection of destinations. Every time one of your family nasmiles members flies with us, 20% of the earned SMILE Points will be awarded to the nasmiles Head of Household and the remaining 80% will be directly awarded to the balance.

Benefits of Family Account

Boost your balance and Earn SMILE Points much faster when setting up a naSmiles family account. As the Head of Household, you will enjoy 20% of the earned SMILE Points whenever one of your family members flies with us; and they will keep the remaining 80%.


Head of Household will enjoy viewing & redeeming SMILE Points accumulated in his balance.


Family Account allows for adding up to 8 family members as long as they are from the same immediate family.


How to Set Up the Family Account


After Joining nasmiles


You can set up your naSmiles family account and start earning as a family. Simply login to your naSmiles account and click 'My Profile' where you will find a dedicated section for entering the account ID or email address of the Head of Household.