Announcement EN

Dear Member

When it comes to enhancing the nasmiles program, you are our core focus. From reducing the Redemption threshold to 100 SMILE Points to adding new earn partnerships to simplifying the process of engaging with the nasmiles program, we continue to evolve.

As part of this evolution, we also need to evaluate the existing offerings of the nasmiles program on how these benefit our members.  And after much consideration, we have decided to temporarly discontinue the Family Member product as we are looking to enhance and introduce new features.

As of 5th of July 2018, members will not be able to nominate a head of household in the nasmiles program. Also, members who are linked as family members, within the Family member product, will be treated as an independent member.

What this means is, nominated head of households will no longer receive 20% of the dependents SMILE Points for any future transactions. However, this change will not impact to past SMILE points earned.

Also, we have discontinued the Member Referral bonus starting 1st of July 2018. Members will no longer qualify for a bonus for referring others to join the nasmiles program.

Stay tuned with us for new updates as we always strive to deliver the best rewards to your journey with us.

Your Smile Matters.