Hold your booking!


Terms and conditions:

  • Price Lock fee is non-refundable and considered as a service fee.
  • Hold period is 48 hours once the Price Lock fee is paid.
  • Once the hold time expires without payment, the booking will be cancelled automatically.
  • Price Lock is available up to 72 hours before desired flight departure. If you hold a return flight, the Price Lock service is available up to 72 hours before the departure of the first desired flight.
  • To confirm a hold booking with more than one passenger, it is required to fill all of the passengers’ information and pay the full price of the hold booking.
  • Price Lock is refunded if the flight is cancelled by Flynas.
  • If the schedule of the flight you selected, and for which you locked the price, is changed within the booking hold period, you may either accept this change and can continue the booking at the secured price, or you may request a refund of the Price Lock fee by contacting flynas Call Center.