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Cairo is one of the most prestigious cities in the MENA region with appeal reaching to every corner of the globe.
It offers visitors a mixture of modern, tourism-based attractions, and areas incredibly rich in fascinating history and culture.

Cairo offers a comfortable, relaxing stay with a number of world class hotels. There’s also delicious food from around the world, and plenty of fun things to do.

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Attractions and Things to do in Cairo

There are plenty of attractions within the city of Cairo, for people of all ages.

If you’ve come to Cairo to witness historical artefacts, and learn all about the ancient Egyptians, then there are a number of museums, landmarks and tours for you to enjoy.

Or, if you prefer to relax in luxury, or have a knack for adventure, you’ll find plenty of options to enjoy.

Here are our five top recommendations for Cairo:

The Great Pyramid of Giza

One of the most iconic sights in the world is that of the Egyptian pyramids, and the Great Pyramid of Giza represents the tallest and oldest in Cairo. Located just outside the city, you can take a taxi out to the site and explore one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Price: EGP 80 ($9, £6.33)
Opening Times: 8am-4pm

Pharaonic Village

If you really want to immerse yourself in ancient Egyptian culture, and are looking for a fun, educational activity for the whole family, then you should definitely visit the Pharaonic Village. It’s a tour/boat trip through ‘ancient Egypt’, with actors in costumes acting out what life was like back then.

Price: EGP 150 ($16.88, £11.86)
Opening Times: 9AM-5PM

Dream Park

Away from the cultural and educational aspect of Cairo, you can find the country’s largest and most fun theme park. It’s got exciting rides for both children and adults. If you’re taking children to Cairo – then Dream Park is a must-visit.

Price: EGP 100 ($11.26, £7.91) (note that for some rides you will have to pay an additional fee of EGP 20 ($2.25, £1.58))
Opening Times: 10am-7pm Saturday-Thursday, 10am-9pm Friday

Egyptian Museum

One of the best museums in the world, The Egyptian Museum, can be found in Cairo. It is home to some of the oldest, most interesting artefacts, and contains displays and exhibitions on the ancient world unmatched anywhere else. A truly remarkable, thorough and exciting experience.

Price: Egyptians – EGP 4, Foreigners – EGP 60 ($6.76, £4.75)
Opening Times: 9am-7pm

Al-Azhar Park

The Al-Azhar Park is a welcome change to the historical nature of Egypt, or the modern, adventure-led theme parks of Cairo. It’s a great place to relax, with beautiful gardens and lots of greenery. You can explore 30 hectares of land at your own leisure – for a very reasonable price.

Price: Monday-Wednesday – EGP 5 ($0.56, £0.40), Thursday-Sunday EGP 7 ($0.79, £0.55)
Opening Times: 9am-Midnight

Eating Out

Cairo is a very international city, much more so than many other countries in the MENA region.

This means that the food and drink options are practically endless. You can experience dishes that originate from all over the world.

If this is going to be your first time in Cairo, try our top dining recommendations:

Local Favorites

Name: Café Riche
Budget: Low
Type: North African

It is said that Café Riche is the oldest restaurant in Cairo. his relatively small establishment serves delicious and affordable Egyptian meals with a slight French twist.

Name: Samakmak

For the seafood fan, Samakmak offers a great place to sit and dine. There’s no alcohol served here, but the amazing food more than makes up for it. There’s no menu either, simply choose what you want from the display and let the staff know how you want it to be prepared.


If you’re interested in trying something completely different, then head to Farahat for a bite to eat. It’s famous for serving pigeon – either stuffed or grilled, which may seem unusual, but is a real hit amongst the locals. If you’re feeling slightly adventurous, check it out.


Aside from the amazing, tasty dishes – Sabaya is well known for its warm, welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. The menu is incredibly diverse, and the portions are very sizable. It's open until 1am, so you can go if you’re looking for a late night meal.

Revolving Restaurant

As the name would suggest, this particular restaurant rotates at considerable height, giving you a sensational view of Cairo from every possible angle. You can even see the pyramids off in the distance. Even without all these novelties, the food alone makes this place a must-visit.

Things to be aware of….

·         In most up-market restaurants, a standard service charge of 10%-15% is automatically applied.
·         Tipping is expected. You could offend somebody if you don’t offer a tip.

Hotels in Cairo

Cairo is a large city, with literally hundreds of hotels available for you to stay at.

Whether you’re looking for a luxurious, all-inclusive package – or a modest room suitable for a night or two – there’s something for everyone.

Here are five of our favorite Cairo hotels:

Ramses Hilton (5 Star)

Price: EGP 873 – EGP 1,697 ($98-$191, £69-£134) per night

With a Hilton hotel, you know you’re guaranteed a world class experience. This particular building is based right by the River Nile, providing incredible views of the famous river. It has all the facilities you could possibly want – a casino, a pool, restaurants and meeting rooms.

Pyramids View Inn (3 Star)

Price: EGP 278 – EGP 519 ($31-$58, £22-£44) per night

As the name would suggest, this hotel provides a remarkable view of all three pyramids – and the sphinx – of Cairo. It’s essentially a bed & breakfast package, so don’t expect extravagant features. However, the service is great and the rooms are comfortable, providing great value at an affordable rate.

Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah (5 Star)

Price: EGP 1,621 – EGP 2,355 ($182-$265, £128-£186) per night

The Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah is quite close to the city centre, but like the Ramses Hilton, is located right by the Nile. Again, you’re certain to enjoy a high-quality stay, with all the amenities you could possibly want. The mixture of French and Arabic décor also gives this place a unique vibe.

Holiday Inn Cairo (4 Star)

Price: EGP 1,355 – EGP 1,937 ($152-$218, £107-£153) per night

While the Holiday Inn doesn’t quite reach the extravagant level of the five star establishments on this list, it does offer an appealing place to stay during your visit to Cairo. It’s based right in the leisure complex, so there are plenty of shops and things to do within walking distance.

Baron Hotel Heliopolis (4 Star)

Price: EGP 557 – EGP 835 ($62-$94, £44-£66) per night

If you’re in the city on business, then the Baron Hotel Heliopolis is a great place to stay. The Heliopolis area is a well-known business district, so everything you require is within walking distance. The hotel itself is incredibly welcoming, and offers free Wi-Fi for all guests.

The Weather in Cairo

As you would expect, it is typically warm and sunny in Cairo year-round.

While not as hot as other areas within the MENA region, it does typically hit the high 20s in degrees Celsius through the summer months of June, July and August.

December, January and February are normally when it is at its coolest – around 14-15 degrees Celsius.

Events in Cairo

There’s always something exciting going on in Cairo. Here are a few things to look out for:

Name: Coptic Christmas

Date: January

The Egyptian Christmas is celebrated in early January, and consists of celebrations across the country. There are various parades, musical performances and other local traditions that you don’t want to miss.

Name: Shem el Nessim

Date: April

The first day of spring is a big deal in Egypt, so much so that there is a national holiday in honour of the occasion. People like to get out and enjoy the weather in various parks around the city. In some places, there are outdoor activities that you could get involved in.

Name: Revolution Day

Date: July

Another national celebration. Egyptians remember this day in 1952 - when the royal government was overthrown - by hosting numerous events throughout the city.

Name: Cairo International Song Festival

Date: August

A celebration of local music is held every year at various points throughout the city. Singers, songwriters and producers come together to showcase their talents – and there is even a competition, which attracts artists from around the world.

Arabic Music Festival

Date: November

Another tribute to the music scene, the Arabic Music Festival focuses specifically on the sounds produced by the Arabic World. This particular event is held at the magnificent Cairo Opera House.

Name: Cairo International Film Festival

Date: December

The original Middle Eastern film festival has been operating for over 25 years. It showcases films from all over the world, which are typically obscure and smaller in scale than the big blockbusters. A fascinating experience for anyone with an interest in cinema.


Cairo has a number of public transport options.

Visitors will notice that busses, trams and the subway are generally overcrowded. But more often than not, they’re quite reliable.

Many of the hotels listed above are close to everything you could need. Shops, business venues, historical locations. It could be that you only need to walk to most places.

Taxis are also an option. They’re relatively cheap, and can even take you out to the Giza Pyramids.

Other Considerations     

Religious Culture

While Egypt is not as conservative as other Arabic nations, it is still predominantly Muslim. So respect for the religion is essential at all times.

It would be beneficial to be aware of prayer times throughout the day. An updated list can be found here.


The Egyptian Pound is used in Cairo. EGP 1 is approximately equal to $0.11 and £0.08.

This source states that the cost of living is around 62.17 per cent lower than in New York City, and 63.88 percent lower than it is in London.

Insider Tips

Make sure you have the required documentation (a visa) before beginning your journey to Cairo.

The city of Alexandria is not too far away, and could make a decent day trip. There’s a whole other world of things to do and restaurants to eat at.

Always negotiate and finalise a taxi fare before getting into a cab.

Finally, locals might not take too kindly to clothing that shows a lot of skin. It is recommended that both men and women wear modest clothes.

For more information on various surrounding locations, check out our other area guides.