120 A320neo Aircrafts!

To Confirm our Commitment to be the Leading low-cost carrier in the Middle East

flynas is proud to receive the Twenty-second Airbus model A320neo aircraft and adding it to our fleet, The receipt of this aircraft by flynas comes as part of an agreement signed with Airbus in 2017 to purchase 120 aircraft of the same model, with a total value of 32 billion Saudi riyals. flynas is proud to be the first airline to have the A320neo aircraft in its fleet.

These advanced and super-efficient aircrafts will undermine our commitment to being the Kingdom’s leading low-cost carrier

A320neo figures

The A320neo aircrafts has many great figures; it is considered a market leader with a market share of 60%, it has unbeatable economics with less than 15% fuel consumption per seat, 5% lower airframe maintenance cost, has the best environmental performance with 50% less noise, less 5000 CO2 emissions per year per aircraft, and NOx emissions 50% below industry standards.

The A320neo aircrafts is characterized by its advanced technology, comfort, spaciousness of its cabin which is considered the widest between the aircrafts that has one isle. We look forward to always welcoming you onboard.

A320neo benefits

The market leader 60% market share

-15% fuel consumption per seat

-5% lower airframe maintenance costs

-50% noise footprint

-5000t Less CO2 emissions per year per aircraft

-50% NOX emissions below industry standard