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Fly to Hail

Located in northwest Saudi Arabia, Hail is best known as the camel route to Hajj. Its geographical location, which places it in the shadows of the Samra Mountains, also means that agriculture blossoms here adding to the attractions and food offerings for locals and tourists. 

Hail attractions

Ha’il Saudi Arabia sits at the base of the Samra Mountain. During the day take a drive to the top and admire the Arabian city below and at night marvel at the fire, which is lit at the summit. Other sights to see in this city are the 200-year-old Airif Fort and the Qishlah Fortress, which houses a military exhibition. The Ha’il Museum is also a must. Here you can obtain a permit to visit the nearby petroglyphs (rock engravings). 

Hail shopping

Souks in Ha’il are worth shopping so be sure to visit the Barzan Market and the Friday Market. There’s also the Garden Mall, which is the largest shopping centre in the region.

Eating out in Hail

If there’s anything you should try in Hail it’s the dates and fruit. This Saudi Arabian city is known for producing big crops. Camel milk is also farmed here. When it comes to restaurants At-Turathy is very well known thanks to its restaurant-museum combination. 

Transport to/from Hail Airport

Transport to and from the airport is best by taxi or hotel shuttle. Ask your hotel to organise a car or use the airport service. You can also hire your own car.

Hail hotels

There are a number of boutique hotels and a few internationally branded ones too in Ha’il, which are located at varying distances from the city centre.
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Weather in Hail

Hot summers are balanced with cool, wet winters in this Saudi Arabian city.