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Fly to Tabuk

Tabuk is a small city in Saudi Arabia on the doorstep of the Red Sea. If you’re looking to snorkel or scuba dive, then you’ll thoroughly enjoy the beautiful coastal scenes here. The region itself is known for its stunning landscapes so make Tabuk a destination of choice for your next family vacation. Book cheap flights to Tabuk now with flynas.


Tabuk Attractions

Explore the mountains and wadis in the surrounding region of Tabuk. There are a number of archaeological sites to see including the rock art at Wadi Dam, the Tabuk Castle that dates back to 3500BC, an ancient spring known as Ain Sukkrah and the Prophet’s Mosque. Tabuk is also known for its beaches and many visitors choose to soak up the sun with a day by the sea.


Shop Tabuk

There’s not much shopping to be done in Tabuk. There’s a small mall and a couple of souks as well. If you’re looking for souvenirs then visit the Thursday Souk or the Windmill Souk in the old quarter. For everything else there is the local supermarket.


Eating out in Tabuk

Food in Tabuk is very traditional with slight regional variances on standard Arabic dishes. There’s also a range of fast food restaurants including burger and pizza outlets. So whether you feel like enjoying the local tastes or international cuisine, there’s a great range of options on offer.

Tabuk Hotels

There are a number of locally owned and operated hotels in Tabuk. From self-catering furnished apartments to hotel rooms, there is a range of rooms to choose from.
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Transport to and from Tabuk Airport

When you land at Tabuk airport, the best form of transportation to the city is taxi. Otherwise, the bus shuttle takes you to the Makarem Tabuk Hotel. You can also hire a car to move around more freely.


Weather in Tabuk

Weather in Tabuk can be extreme. Expect hot and dry summers with temperatures dropping low enough in the winter months to cause snow. Make sure to check the weather report before you arrive.


Events in Tabuk

There are ten events, which take place in Tabuk, annually, including the spring horse show, Khail O Hail, Heglina Winasa Summer Festival, Dhiba Darik wa Al Bahr Darik Festival, Destination is Ours Festival, Ummluj Ajmal Summer Festival, the annual Camel and Horse Race, Khayyalah Festival, Asayel Mid-year Festival the annual Fruits and Flowers Festival and the Summer Diving Festival.