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Dammam is a beautiful place, and a popular tourism destination for people from all over Saudi Arabia, as well as the rest of the Middle East.It is the home of white, sandy beaches and clear blue waters. It is also the capital city of Saudi’s eastern region, with a rich cultural history. Dammam makes for a perfect place to visit, whether you’re on business or travelling for leisure.If you would like to book a cheap flight to Dammam, then make a booking on our homepage today. 

Attractions and Things to do in Dammam

While many people head to Dammam for a relaxing holiday on the beach, there are a number of fun activities available for you to enjoy.
Here are a few of our favourites:

Dammam Corniche

Many coastal cities and towns in Saudi have a beautiful Corniche to enjoy, and Dammam is no different. Here you’ll experience a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere as tourists and locals take in the spectacular views. On national holidays, however, it becomes very busy with locals and visitors from all over the region. 

Tarout Castle and the Old Town

If you are looking for a more cultural activity, then you should certainly look into visiting the historical landmark of Tarout Castle. At 5,000 years old, it offers a fascinating look at Saudi life throughout the years, particularly from an architectural standpoint.

Dolphin Village

Dolphin Village is a fun day out for all the family, with fun activities, amusement rides and dolphin shows available every day. You can also go swimming in a pool, and enjoy exciting events at times such as Eid. It is located on Al-Marjan Island.

King Abdullah Park

A relatively new and modern development, King Abdullah Park is a fantastic place to visit. It is the home to playgrounds for children, a number of delicious restaurants and even a theatre. A worthwhile visit at any time of the year.

Al-Marjan Island

Head over a bridge from the Dammam pier, and you’ll find one of the many artificial islands that have been created by countries in the Middle East. Al-Marjan Island has a number of beautiful, green spaces, where you can enjoy the weather and comfortable atmosphere.

Eating Out

There are plenty of places to eat in Dammam, of many different types and varieties.

Whether you’re looking for a local dish, or something from around the world, there is something for everyone in Dammam.

Here are a few of our favorite restaurants:

Local Favorites

Name: The Steak House

Type: Steak

A family-friendly restaurant with great food, a welcoming atmosphere and reasonable prices. The Steak House has been the recipient of various awards, including Best Casual Dining Restaurant, which was presented by the Saudi Tourism Awards.

Name: Al Shahrour

Type: Middle Eastern

If you want a traditional Arabic meal, then Al Shahrour is the place to go. The food is mainly of Lebanese origin, but there are other types thrown into the mix too. Not only is this a restaurant, you can also take food away or have it delivered directly to your home.

Name: Copper Chandni

Type: Indian

Copper Chandni is an Indian chain of restaurants, open for lunch and dinner time meals. The food is delicious, and the presentation is beautiful. Many people come here for the genuine Indian ambience, which makes you feel as if you are eating right in the heart of Bombay.

Name: Al Bahar

Type: Seafood

Although Al Bahar specialises in seafood meals, there are a number of options if this isn’t the main preference of everyone in your party. However, the fish really should be your first option. It’s fresh, delicious and will have you returning to this restaurant time and time again.

Name: Abu Nawas

Type: Middle Eastern

Abu Nawas is a particular favourite of ours. Not only are the meals delicious, but the service and atmosphere are refreshingly unique. It has been running for over 25 years, and new branches are being opened all the time. The menu includes both Arabic and western meals.

A few things to be aware of…

·         Brunch is incredibly popular in Dammam, as it is all over Saudi

·         Most restaurants will be closed during sunlight hours during Ramadan

·         Saudi Arabia is very conservative, and Islamic codes of morality are strictly enforced

Hotels in Dammam

There are a number of fine hotels in Dammam, all available to cater to your needs.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Park Inn by Radisson Dammam (3 Star)

Price: SR 373 – SR 498 ($99-$132, £69-£92)

The Park Inn by Radisson offers good accommodation in a great location, right on the city’s famous Corniche. For business people, it has excellent facilities suitable for hosting a seminar, conference or meeting. The hotel also employs a highly-experienced Meetings and Events team to handle all of your needs.

Howard Johnson Hotel Dammam (3 Star)

Price: SR 390 – SR 514 ($104-$137, £72-£95)

A hotel suited for either business or pleasure, the Howard Johnson accommodates everyone. Meeting and event rooms, equipped with the latest technologies, are available, while guests also have the luxury of free Wi-Fi. There is also an indoor swimming pool, and an on-site restaurant.

Tulip Inn Suites and Residence (4 Star)

Price: SR 352 – SR 449 ($93-$119, £65-£83)

The Tulip Inn Suites and Residence offers its guests spectacular views of the Arabia Gulf, from well-decorated rooms that include tiled walls and wooden furniture. You’ll feel right at home in one of these suites, each of which has its own open plan living room and free Wi-Fi access.

Gulf Park (4 Star)

Price: SR 395 ($105, £73)

Gulf Park offers its guests an incredibly luxurious experience. Each room is wonderfully decorated, and includes a living room, dining area and ceramic bath. The hotel is in a good location, situated close to the Al Shatee Mall.

Sheraton Dammam Hotel (5 Star)

Price: SR 693 – SR 894 ($184-$238, £128-£165)

A five star hotel for a five star guest. The Sheraton Dammam Hotel offers everything you could possibly need, from a wedding venue to luxurious suites. It is also the closest hotel to the King Fahad International Airport.

The Weather in Dammam

The eastern region of Saudi Arabia is incredibly hot throughout the year. During the summer months, the heat may be unbearable for those who are not used to Middle Eastern weather. In Dammam, it is particularly humid, due to its coastal location.

Therefore it is advised that you take the necessary precautions. Don’t stay outside too long, drink plenty of water, and use an appropriate amount of sun cream.


Saudi Arabia is home to many wonderful events.

If you’re in or around the Dammam area, then here are a few that you might be interested in.

Name: East Coast Festival

Date: March

The East Coast Festival is a celebration of local heritage and culture. Those who were born by the Arabia Gulf like to showcase their history to the visiting tourists, and as such there are a number of activities and events taking place throughout the area.

Name: Souk Hajr

Date: April

Similar to the East Coast Festival, Souk Hajr also aims to highlight the unique and fascinating history of the region.  There are some celebrations, but a big part of the event is to encourage people to participate in voluntary and community work.

Name: Eastern Summer Festival

Date: June-July

For those that can stand the summer heats of Saudi, the Eastern Summer Festival cannot be missed. There are a variety of different events, presentations, activities and forms of entertainment. Suitable for adults and children, it’s well worth checking out.


The public transport options within Dammam are quite poor.

If you need to travel within the city, then we would recommend taking a taxi. Fares can cost anywhere between SR 10 and SR 20.

Other Considerations

Religious Culture

Saudi Arabia is a very conservative county and all locals are of the Islamic faith. A number of strict laws are in place to ensure that individuals treat the religion with the utmost respect.

During your stay in Dammam, it is important that you abide by these laws, and are considerate of the local cultures.

Local Currency

The Saudi Riyal is used in Dammam. SR 1 is approximately equal to $0.27 and £0.19.

This source states that the cost of living is around 32% lower than in New York City, and 26% lower than it is in London.

Insider Tips

In Dammam, like the rest of Saudi Arabia, the working week runs from Sunday to Thursday.

It’s important to be aware of prayer times while you’re in the city. A schedule of which can be found here.

There are other fascinating places to visit nearby. If you rent a car, then the country of Bahrain is only an hour away, just over the King Fahd causeway. Weekends in Bahrain are popular amongst both Saudis and foreigners.

For more information on various surrounding locations, check out our other area guides.