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Fly to Abha

Abha is the capital of the Asir province in Saudi Arabia and one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations for locals. Part of the city’s appeal is the slightly more moderate climate during the summer months as well as the attractions in the surrounding areas. Book cheap flights to Abha now with flynas.


Abha attractions

One of the more popular attractions, the hanging village of Habbalah, is actually located on the outskirts of the city. There are also lush green mountains, which are a favourite amongst tourists, and during summer, cable cars link two must-see areas, Green Mountain and the Asir National Park. If you prefer to discover the history of the city then visit the Shadda Palace, which was built around 1820 and has since been converted into a museum. Other note-worthy attractions are the Abha Great Mosque, Abha Palace Hotel and Lake Saad Amusement Park.


Abha shopping

Abha isn’t as well known for shopping as other Saudi Arabian cities but two of the largest malls in the region are Rihana Mall and Abha Mall.


Eating out in Abha

Arabic food is a must-try in Abha. Other cuisine available includes American fast-food chains as well as fine dining in hotel restaurants.


Transport to/from Abha Airport

flynas arrives at the Abha Regional Airport, which is located 26km from the city centre. Once you’re on the ground the best modes of transport are taxis and cars for hire.
Taxis are available but due to inconsistency you are advised to book transport through your hotel. Taxi tariffs start at SR11.27 ($3).


Abha hotels

Abha has a range of local hotels, which are located in and around the city centre. There are also different star hotels and resorts to suit every taste and budget.
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Weather in Abha

Abha enjoys sunshine most of the year around and has a slightly more moderate climate then other cities in Saudi Arabia with temperatures only reaching 40 degrees in summer. The best time to visit the city is during the cooler months of the year, from October to May. However locals use the city during summer to escape the extreme heat in other Saudi Arabian cities.


Events in Abha

The Abha Summer Festival (June) is a highlight in the Abha annual calendar as is the Saudi Aramco Cultural Program (June).