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Khartoum is the low-built, capital city of Sudan, one of the largest countries in Africa.
It is located at the point where the White Nile and the Blue Nile meet (forming the Nile), and provides a unique insight into Arabic culture.
Visitors can expect a warm and friendly welcome, and are free to enjoy the sites, restaurants and various events that take place throughout the year.
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Attractions and activities to do in Khartoum

Here are a few things you could do during your stay in Khartoum:

♦ Visit the National Museum

Arguably the best museum in all of Sudan, the National Museum has a wide range of interesting galleries and exhibitions. It will take you on a journey through history, covering the kingdoms of Kerma and Kush – as well as Menroe. You’ll find some artefacts here that are thousands of years old.

♦ See the Start of the Nile

As mentioned earlier, Khartoum is placed where the Nile is formed, through the merging of the White Nile and the Blue Nile. The exact point at which they come together is quite significant, and cannot be missed if you visit the city. From this bridge, you get the best views.

♦ See the Natural History Museum

Like many major cities around the world, Khartoum has a fascinating Natural History Museum, filled with incredible displays. Here you’ll find taxidermied animals from all over the world, including crocodiles, monkeys and snakes.

♦ Visit Mahdi’s Tomb

For those interested in historical artefacts, then Mahdi’s Tomb (resting pace of Muhammad Ahmad bin Abd Allah) should not be missed. Unfortunately, the original was destroyed by the British during a battle in 1898, but it was rebuilt in 1947, and can be visited by guests.

Eating out

Khartoum has many restaurants throughout the city, serving a wide variety of different foods and suitable for every budget. Here are a few of our favorites.

Name: Sudanese Kitchen

Type: Sudanese

Budget: Low

For a truly authentic Sudanese experience, you have to try the local food. There aren’t a great deal of options here – many restaurants borrow the tastes of other cultures – but the Sudanese Kitchen offers incredible dishes for very reasonable prices.

Name: Tangerine

Type: International

Budget: Medium

Without a doubt, one of the best restaurants in Khartoum. The food itself is influenced by a variety of different nations around the world, while it sustains a ‘classy’ atmosphere. It has a German chef who is responsible for some truly delicious meals – most notably the grilled pawn cake.

Name: Papa Costa

Type: International

Budget: Low

What originally began as a bakery, servicing mostly the Greek community in Khartoum, is now popular a family-run restaurant. Here you will find a wide variety of different foods, from pizza and pasta to some amazing steaks. It even hosts live music from time to time.

Name: Askela

Type: African

Budget: Low

The Askela is close by to the National Museum, so makes for a great choice if you’re looking to visit that particular landmark. As it is also by the river, the chef’s naturally prepare and serve fresh seafood. The quality is good, but the views are even better.

Name: Kh.T Restaurant

Type: Middle Eastern

Budget: Low

If you’re looking for a quick bite to eat, for a reasonably low price, then check out the canteen-like Kh.T Restaurant. It offers a number of different fast-food dishes of Middle Eastern origin. The kebabs here are particularly popular.

You can find the location of each restaurant on the map below:


The Weather in Khartoum

As you would expect in an African country, it is very hot in Sudan for most of the year. Temperatures can reach 39°C in the summer months, which tend to be April to July. It is a little cooler around December and January – but rarely falls below 14°C. A happy medium can be found in March or November.

Events in Khartoum

The city of Khartoum hosts a number of exciting events throughout the year…

Name: Independence Day

Date: January

While most of the world is celebrating the start of a new year, January 1st also represents Sudan’s day of independence. They celebrate in Khartoum and throughout the country, with parties, fireworks and lots of incredible food.

Name: Khartoum Flower Festival

Date: February

For horticulturalists, this is the day on the calendar to look forward to. The Flower Festival is held in February every year, and showcases some of the amazing work done by locals and foreign nationals. There are even prizes given out for the most impressive displays!

Name: Al Bugaa International Theatre Festival

Date: March

Every March, over the period of a week, the Al Bungaa International Theatre Festival is held in collaboration with the International Film Institute in Paris. Visitors are treated to some incredible performances from some truly talented artists.

Name: Khartoum International Music Festival

Date: November

If flowers or films aren’t really your thing, then maybe you’ll be tempted by the International Music Festival that takes place in November. Again, this is held across a week, and welcomes artists from all over the world to showcase their talents to a wide audience.

Transport in Kuwait City

Car Car Hire

you can hire a car to drive yourself but the roads in Khartoum can be a little erratic.

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Taxi Taxi

Taxis in Khartoum are relatively inexpensive, and you can rely on the drivers’ vast knowledge of the roads.

Bus Bus

You can use minibuses to go from one place to another, but they work to a set route and have no destination signs on the front. You will need to be able to speak a little Arabic, in order to converse with the driver. However this option is quite cheap.

Other Considerations


The Sudan Pound is used in Sudan. S£1 is equal to $0.16 and £0.12.

Insider Tips

As mentioned, the state of driving in Khartoum is really quite bad – especially if you’ve never experienced it before. It is highly recommended that you use taxis to get around. All foreign nationals are required to obtain a visa within three days of entering Sudan.

You will also need to obtain a permit in order to take photographs in the country, you cannot do this before you fly to Khartoum.