Adventure Destinations:
5 Epic Escapes

Whether you're looking for a getaway with your loved ones or traveling solo, there are a variety of adventure destinations to consider for an action-packed holiday. There has never been a better time to get a taste of adventure. Discover our top-rated adventure holidays here. 

There's something to be said for a passion-packed adventure holiday. A sweeping green landscape or a vibrant city brimming with impressive architecture offers adventurers more than a poolside break.

Whether you're traveling alone, with your family, or as a couple, there are a variety of adventure destinations to consider, from Tbilisi's summertime getaways to Abha's historical sights. Now is the perfect time to fly – and grab that taste of adventure.

Adventure holidays that promise an unforgettable trip

On the hunt for an adventure this season? You’ve come to the right place. We've compiled a list of the top six destinations guaranteeing a memorable vacation.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi, Georgia's capital, is praised for its cuisine and soothing thermal baths. It's a breathtaking city with a distinct blend of natural beauty and rugged charm derived from the rustic Old Town buildings and Art Nouveau architecture.

If Tbilisi is the perfect destination for your next adventure vacation, knowing the local language and currency will come in handy. While Georgian is the most commonly spoken language in Tbilisi, and the Georgian currency, Lari, is widely accepted throughout the country.

The summers in Tbilisi are warm and dry, while winters are long and cold. The warm season stretches from June to September, with July being the hottest month of the year, with an average high temperature of 30°C and a low of 19°C.

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Abha, Saudi Arabia

Abha, the capital of Saudi Arabia's Asir province, has plenty of adventure to offer visitors. Cable car rides offer breathtaking views. Want to learn more about the city's past? Visit the Shadda Palace, erected in 1820 and has since been turned into a museum. The Abha Great Mosque, High City Boulevard, Gourmet Boulevard, and Aldhabab "Fog" Walkway are other stunning attractions that draw in travelers worldwide.

With beautiful green mountains, tourists can easily find an adventure in this incredible city. Summers are warm and partly cloudy, and the attractions in the surrounding areas contribute to Abha’s allure. June is the hottest month, with an average high of 28°C. Tourists often visit from August to October when temperatures remain steady and comfortable to enjoy warm-weather activities.

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Salzburg, Austria

The charming Austrian town of Salzburg is best known as the birthplace of classical composer Mozart. But the picturesque city has much more to offer in terms of historic sites and fun attractions.

Salzburg is a compact city nestled near the German border in the Alps. You’ll find plenty of thrilling activities – you can choose an active vacation spent hiking or skiing or a more relaxed trip exploring museums, shopping malls, and galleries.

The city experiences cold winters and warm summers, and summertime can be the best time to travel for outdoor activities – though visitors should expect the occasional thunderstorm.

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Jizan, Saudi Arabia

Jizan is one of the friendliest locations in Saudi Arabia and offers every traveler a diverse range of experiences. There are stretches of forests, mountainous terrain, and breathtaking coasts. Many locals are masters in fragrances and perfumes, and the fish markets are among the greatest you will ever visit.

The Jizan Museum is the place to go if you're interested in learning about local history and culture. The main presentation hall often hosts several exhibits, while visitors looking to escape the city can look to the Faifa Mountains. Around Jizan, there are several locations with hot springs, with Al-Khoubah being the most well-known.

Summers in Jizan are long and hot, while winters are short and warm. It stays mostly dry throughout the year, with temperatures varying from 23°C to 37°C.

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AlUla, Saudi Arabia

AlUla is one of the oldest cities in the Arabian Peninsula, located in northwestern Saudi Arabia. Also known as "Arabia's secret pearl," AlUla offers a wealth of activities, breathtaking scenery, and cultural experiences.

There are countless ways to explore the city if you’re yearning for adventure. Thrill-seekers may take the 8 km long Adventure Trail to discover the rich history and stunning scenery of AlUla.

Others may have their sights on the hike through the Arabian desert, where they can discover the sweeping valleys and canyons.

AlUla’s summers are hot, arid, and clear, and winters are cool and dry. Visitors may find it best to travel between October through April when temperatures are most pleasant, between 10°C and 25°C.

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