Do you want your advertisement to be more than just an ad on ground? We now give you the opportunity to reach your audience wherever they fly, and as far as they go with our unique advertisement choices.


With flynas you can deliver your message to more than 6.5 million annual passengers on our fleet of 30 aircrafts across our network of 33 destinations in 8 countries.

views   2.5 MILLION
users   171,000
time   6 MINUTES
views   MEN, 25-34

passengers   32 MILLION
airports   34
Countries   9
a320   28

 In-Flight Advertisement 


Tray Tables 

Your advertisement will be in front of the passenger from the moment they sit on their seat until landing. This unmissable place ensures that your advertisement will be visible to the passenger for the whole trip, up to 4 hours!


Overhead Bins 

From the front to the back of the cabin your advert will display on the overhead bins, so you will have the space to design and create an appealing message that will attract the passengers’ attention for the whole flight.


 Boarding Pass 


When the passenger receives their boarding pass it means that they are definitely flying with us! The boarding pass is the most important document after your passport, as it is essential to board any flynas flight! The passenger will look at their boarding pass several times throughout their journey to the aircraft, while they wait for departure and the feeling of excitement builds. Lot of passengers keep the boarding pass document after their trip as a souvenir.



 Confirmation Page


The feeling of completing a booking and knowing that you have a trip to look forward to is a moment of joy for all travelers! Putting your message at this moment will associate your brand with that feeling.




 Confirmation E-mail 


Receiving this e-mail means that the passenger has completed the booking process and the booking is now confirmed. We send several thousand of these a day! Putting your advert here ensures that it will be seen at a feel-good point in the customer’s journey with your brand and flynas.




 E-Boarding Pass 


Passengers these days are looking to travel light so they use the technology to help simplify their travel processes. Everything you need to travel with flynas can be found or accessed on mobile phones. And since they have easy access to the e-boarding pass within a few clicks, the passenger will likely check their e-boarding multiple times as they wait in anticipation of their flynas flight and their exciting trip.



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flynas is proud to work with FOR GOOD, the specialist publishers who produce our in-flight magazine. Global experts in connecting with travelers throughout their entire journey, FOR GOOD offer a portfolio of magazines and products that reach a captive audience of millions of travelers each year.

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