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SSH mainFly to Sharm El Sheikh

It’s no exaggeration to describe Sharm El Sheikh as one of the most beautiful places in the world. White sandy beaches, clear blue waters, amazingly colourful reefs, and the sight of interesting sea creatures happily going about their lives.

Sharm El Sheikh offers the perfect beach holiday. If this is what you’re looking for, then book your cheap flight to Sharm El Sheikh today.

Attractions and activities to do

Sharm El Sheikh can be a fun and exciting place, suitable for the more adventurous individuals. Here are a few of our favourite things to do during a visit:

Ras Mohammed National Park

The first national park in Egypt is also the best one. Ras Mohammed National Park is home to amazing dive sites, wonderful wildlife, and some spectacular sights. Simply put, you cannot visit this city without heading to its most prized asset. You can spend a whole day exploring its various spots.

Snorkelling/Diving in the Red Sea

Speaking of Ras Mohammed National Park, it’s the perfect spot from which to head out into the red sea on a cruise ship, before dropping into the water with a snorkel at the ready. Get a close up view of what’s going on beneath the waves. If you’re qualified, it’s also an incredible diving spot.

Glass Bottom Cruise

If you’d prefer to stay out of the water, but would still like to experience the underwater world, then a glass bottom cruise is the perfect choice. The ships head over the spectacular coral reefs that inhabit these waters, while an English-speaking guide will provide you with interesting facts about the area.

Camel Safari

The desert doesn’t look like much fun, but it can be. An hour-long ride over the sands, on the back of a camel, is a truly authentic Egyptian experience – and one not to be missed. Afterwards, you have the option of enjoying a delicious Bedouin dinner.

Quad Biking

If you’re really intent on tapping into your adventurous side, then an afternoon out quad biking in the desert is exactly what you need. It’s a great way to escape the busy crowds while exploring the Sinai Desert.

Eating Out

Sharm El Sheikh is home to a number of delicious dining establishments. You can try some local, North African dishes, or choose something more international. Here are a few restaurants we recommend you try out:

Name: Fares Seafood
Type: Seafood
Budget: Low
You can’t come to a coastal town like Sharm El Sheikh, and not experience the fresh seafood on offer. Fares Seafood is popular with the locals – partly because of its affordability, but also because of how tasty the food is. The mixed tagen of calamari and shrimp is especially good.

Name: Abou El Sid
Type: North African
Budget: Low
This restaurant made its name in Zamalek, Cairo, but now boasts a branch in Sharm. If you are interested in trying the local cuisine, then this is the place to be. Molokhiyya, stuffed pigeon and kirsha are all on the menu – cooked to perfection and served in style.

Name: Fairuz
Type: Middle Eastern
Budget: Medium
Fairuz offers foods from all types of Middle Eastern backgrounds, which can be experienced on the set mezze menu. We’re particularly fans of the makinek (which is basically spicy sausages), and the warm fresh bread that compliments every meal.

Name: Al-Fanar
Type: Italian
Budget: Medium
If there is one thing everybody loves about the Italians, it’s their food. Every city in the world has at least one incredible Italian restaurant, and in Sharm that is Al-Fanar. Its menu includes numerous authentically- prepared staple pasta and pizza dishes.

Name: Sala Thai
Type: Thai
Budget: Medium
Perhaps you prefer something a little different, or a little adventurous. Sala Thai is home to some of the best spicy meals in Sharm. The curries and spiced noodles are not to be missed.Make sure to book in advance to guarantee a table.

Hotels in Sharm El Sheikh

There are a number of beautiful hotels in Sharm El Sheikh, suitable for every budget. Here are the top five that we would recommend…

Coral Sea Sensatori (4 Star)

Price: EGP 1,335 – EGP 2,348 ($150-$264, £116-£204) per night

Stretching across 650 metres of white sandy beaches, the Coral Sea Sensatori Resort is perfectly located close to the Ras Mohammed National Park – and therefore some amazing diving spots – as well as the airport, town centre and many excellent restaurants. The hotel itself is beautiful, and stocked with all the necessary amenities.

Stella Di Mare Beach Hotel (5 Star)

Price: EGP 748 – EGP 1,703 ($84-$191, £65-£148) per night

Most hotels in Sharm El Sheikh can claim to have sensational views of the sea, beaches and surrounding areas – but that is particularly true for the Stella Di Mare Beach Hotel. This is a world class establishment that is as good as it looks in the brochures. It is the epitome of luxury, and guarantees an amazing stay.

Falcon Hills Hotel (3 Star)

Price: EGP 195 – EGP 518 ($22-$58, £17-£45) per night

If you’re looking for a more affordable place to stay, that still offers several luxury features and comfortable room options , then the Falcon Hills Hotel will be your perfect choice. It has a variety of meal plans for you to choose from, as well as a sauna, beauty salon, and sports facilities.

Xperience Sea Breeze Resort (4 Star)

Price: EGP 541 – EGP 1,059 ($60-$119, £47-£92) per night

Located in Shark’s Bay, the Xperience Sea Breeze Resort offers its guests a private beach, exclusive snorkelling and scuba diving excursions, as well as five individual swimming pools. You also get access to leisure activities, cool bars and delicious restaurants.

The Royal Savoy Sharm El Shaikh (5 Star)

Price: EGP 1,462 – EGP 3,707 ($164-$417, £127-£322) per night

If you’re looking for the most luxurious hotel in all of Sharm, then this is the place for you. The rooms are spacious, comfortable and stylish – while the staff provide a level of service that is unmatched anywhere else. There are also various forms of entertainment, to help you enjoy your visit as much as possible.

The Weather in Sharm El Sheikh

As you would expect in a popular beach holiday destination, Sharm El Sheikh can get very hot, especially in the summer months.

In July and August, temperatures can be as high as 37°C, with an average of 33°C. Make sure to take plenty of sun protection.

It can get as low as 15°C in December, January and February.

Events in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh hosts various events throughout the year. Here are a few you should check out…

Name: International Camel Competition
Date: April
An unusual event, if you’re not familiar with the local culture, but great fun all the same. The fastest camels in Sinai compete to see who is the quickest of them all. You may be surprised to hear that it attracts a large audience. Definitely worth checking out.

Name: International Shopping and Tourism Festival
Date: July
In an attempt to attract even more tourists to Sharm El Sheikh, the locals launched a summer campaign with discounts on everything for a limited period of time. All the shops have discounts on a variety of items – and even hotels and restaurants cut their prices a little. There are great bargains to be found during this event.

Name: International Fishing Competition
Date: November
As with the Camel Competition, this is an event that goes back to when Sharm El Sheikh was little more than a fishing village, and it is still popular today. Crowds gather to see who can catch the biggest and best fish, with several prizes to be won.

Transport in Sharm El Sheikh

When you visit Sharm El Sheikh, the only real option you have when it comes to transport is taxi.

There are bus services, but these are restricted to local residents. Tourists must use taxis, or walk (which is a suitable option a lot of the time).

Alternatively, you could hire a car to drive yourself around for the duration of your stay. Check to see if your hotel offers this service.

Other Considerations


The Egyptian Pound is used in Sharm El Sheikh. EGP 1 is approximately equal to $0.11 and £0.08.

Insider Tips

Pre-negotiate your taxi fare before you get in, and never pay before you reach the destination.

Alcohol is served in many bars, restaurants and hotels – but can be quite expensive. Ask for a drinks menu with prices before ordering.

Sharm is a wonderful place – try to see as much of it as you can, rather than staying on the beach for the entirety of your visit.