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Situated around the Nile, Luxor is made up of three areas: Luxor city on the east bank, Karnak in the north and Thebes on the west bank. Known for its tourism and as the ‘world’s greatest open-air museum’ this is one part of Egypt that has been drawing a crowd since the Roman and Greek Dynasties. Book cheap flights to Luxor now with flynas.


Luxor Attractions

By far the most popular attractions are the Nile cruise, exploring Luxor Temple, the Temple of Karnak and the infamous Valley of the Kings. Visiting the El-Mekashkesh Mosque, the oldest mosque in Luxor dating back to the 10th Century, is also a must-visit especially for those on a pilgrimage. There’s also the Valley of the Queens, the Mummification Museum, Luxor Museum, the Temple of Mentuhetep, the Temple of Mut, and the Chapel of Achoris.


Shop Luxor

If you’re looking for souvenirs, then head to the bazaars. Otherwise visit Fair Trade Shopping, a local outlet designed to help traders and craftsmen sell their wares.


Eating out in Luxor

Traditional street food is a must-try in Luxor but you’ll find you probably spend most of your time eating at hotels which is where most of the better restaurants tend to reside.


Luxor Hotels

There are many hotels across Luxor that are steeped in tradition and have simply been refurbished to include modern-day luxuries. Some are more popular than others but there is a variety of accommodation to choose from.
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Transport to and from Luxor Airport

flynas arrives into the Luxor International Airport, which is located just 6km from the city centre. Once you’re on the ground the best modes of transport are taxis, buses and cars for hire. There’s also horse and cart if you’re feeling adventurous.




There are metered taxis but these should be booked one hour before your journey. If you hail down a non-metred taxi, confirm the price of your trip before you travel. The average cost of a taxi journey from the airport to the city centre is 30LE ($4.20).



Buses are also available.



Weather in Luxor

Luxor has warm days and cool nights with the summer months averaging 39 degrees in August and 26 degrees in January. There’s also moderate rain throughout the year.


Events in Luxor

Luxor hosts a range of events every year including the Egypt International Marathon (January), the Nile Marathon for Canoeing (April) and the Luxor Festival for Egyptian and European Cinema (September).