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Fly to Madinah

Madinah is a culturally significant place for Muslims all over the world, as it represents the second holiest city of Islam.

A major Islamic pilgrimage site is located right in the centre – the Prophet’s Mosque.

It’s also a beautiful area to visit, filled with stunning architecture and historical landmarks, complemented by a stunning backdrop.

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Attractions and activities to do in Madinah

There are a number of rewarding things to do during your stay. Here are a few that we would recommend:

Prophet’s Mosque

Masjid Nawabi, otherwise known as the Prophet’s Mosque, is one of the most prominent mosques in the world. Muslims from all over the world come to visit this famous establishment, to pray and visit the tomb of the Prophet Mohammad. It is a truly life-changing experience.

Masjid al-Qiblatain

Another important landmark for the Muslim world, the Masjid al-Qibatain is a beautiful mosque with historical significance. It is where the Prophet Muhammad was told by Allah, while leading prayer, to change the direction of prayer to Mecca – from Jerusalem.

AlRashed Mega Mall

There aren’t many shopping options in Madinah, but the AlRashed Mega Mall offers you everything you could possibly need. It is home to many different shops, offering discounts and staying open quite late. If you’re looking for a relaxing day out – then the AlRashed Mega Mall is the place to be.

Eating Out

Madinah is home to many wonderful restaurants. Here are a few of our favourites:

Name: Al Baik Restaurant

Type: Fast-Food/Halal

Budget: Low

The food is good, affordable and well-serviced. That’s what makes this one of the most popular restaurants in Madinah. Suitable for families, this place offers a wide range of delicious food – including breasted chicken, shrimp and fish. Can get very busy.


Name: Arabesque Restaurant

Type: Mediterranean

Budget: Medium

A more traditional restaurant, serving some of the best Mediterranean dishes you are ever likely to taste. Some of the food is even cooked right in front of you, including the amazing grilled kebabs. Also serves breakfast.


Name: Steak House

Type: Steak

Budget: Medium

Excellent food and excellent service, from the best steak house in the city. If you’re not staying in Madinah for too long, you absolutely have to fit this place into your visit. The staff are incredible, making you feel welcome and trying to get you your food as soon as possible. Again, this place can get busy around peak times.


Name: Madinah Munauarra

Type: Middle Eastern

Budget: Low

This restaurant is very popular around lunch time, and also serves breakfast. Guests can expect a range of high-quality meals of Middle Eastern origin, with an emphasis on healthy ingredients. The service is amazing – all the staff work hard to ensure you have a good dining experience.


Hotels in Madinah

If you’re visiting Madinah for more than one day, then there are some amazing hotels that you can stay at. We’d recommend the following:

Dar Al Hijra InterContinental (5 Star)

Price: SR 491-1,250 ($130-$332, £95-£242)

The Dal Al Hijra InterContinental is a picture of elegance, with a classic Saudi design and atmosphere, while being based right in the heart of this historic city. Those looking for luxury will certainly find it here, with a number of amazing restaurants based in the hotel itself.


Madinah Oberoi (5 Star)

Price: SR 1,333-3,266 ($354-$869, £258-£632)

If you’re looking to visit Masjid Nawabi while you’re here, then you couldn’t find a better hotel. The Madina Oberoi is right by the Prophet’s Mosque, as well as several other fascinating spots. It’s also suitable for those in the city for an event, with a banquet facility capable of hosting 1,000 guests.


Al Haram Hotel (4 Star)

Price: SR 434-1,545 ($115-$411, £84-£299)

Again, this is a hotel set in an incredibly convenient location, also close by to Masjid Nawabi. Guests can choose between a suite and a room, all of which are very spacious and offer lots of comfort. This place is particularly popular with people in Madinah on business, due to its excellent corporate facilities.


Meshal Hotel al Madinah (4 Star)

Price: SR 242-470 ($64-$125, £47-£91)

The Meshal Hotel is quite close to the Madinah International Airport, which is perfect for those who are only in the city on a short stay. All the guest rooms are nice and clean, many offering spectacular views. Free WiFi is available to all guests, as is parking.


Al Ansar Golden Hotel (3 Star)

Price: SR 160-1,054 ($42-$280, £31-£204)

A more budgeted option for those not concerned with the luxurious lifestyle, but the Al Ansar Golden Hotel still offers great service. The staff who work there are determined to ensure you have a comfortable stay, and so offer all the amenities and facilities that you could possibly need.


The Weather in Madinah

As you would expect, Madinah is an incredibly hot city throughout the year.

This will not be unusual to those who have spent a lot of time in the Middle East. But if you haven’t, it can take some getting used to. Make sure to take sun protection with you.

Temperatures can reach as high as 43 degrees Celsius in August, but are generally much lower (12-15 degrees Celsius) in December through February.

Transport in Madinah

Public transport in Madinah is virtually non-existent.

The best way to get around is via taxi, which is relatively cheap.

If you’re staying at a hotel quite central within the city, however, then you might find that everywhere you need to travel to is within walking distance.

Other Considerations

Local Currency

Madinah uses the Saudi Riyal (SR). SR 1 is equal to $0.27 and £0.19.

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