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Gizan is known as one of the most hospitable areas in all of Saudi Arabia, so if you’re travelling here, expect a warm welcome. Many of the locals are experts in perfumes and fragrances, while the fish markets are some of the best you will ever see.
There are many places to go, things to do and restaurants to dine at throughout Gizan – this guide will tell you all you need to know.
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Attractions and Things to do in Gizan

There are many beautiful regions within Gizan. There are miles of mountainous areas, forests and stunning coastlines. We’ve picked the top 5 activities for you to enjoy in Gizan:

Gizan Museum

If you are interested in learning about local history and culture, then the Gizan Museum is the place to go. There are always a number of exhibits on display in the main presentation hall, as well as different sections designated to photography, drawings and TV shows. It also has a library with a variety of incredibly rare first-edition books.


Gizan has a long coastline, filled with amazing beaches for you to enjoy. If you’re feeling adventurous, you will appreciate a number of diving spots where you can take to the clear seas and explore the depths of the ocean. find colourful coral reefs, exotic fish, and other interesting sea life. If you take a boat to the Farasan Islands, you can enjoy snorkelling and diving directly off the beach.


The market scene is very popular in Saudi Arabia, particularly in Gizan. Here you will find locals selling everything from fish to rare animals. Spend a fun afternoon wandering around all the different stalls to see what’s on offer, and haggle for a good price. Saturday and Sunday are the best days to do so.

Fifa Mountains

If you’re looking to get out of the city, and are interested in going somewhere other than the beach, then you should definitely check out the Fifa Mountains. They’re full of amazing scenery, with beautiful flowers and lots of greenery.

Hot Springs of Al-Khoubah

The natural phenomenon of hot springs is present in multiple areas around Gizan, with Al-Khoubah being the most popular. It is considered by the locals to be incredibly therapeutic, and has reportedly helped many people with unfortunate skin problems. It’s a great place to visit, even if you don’t wish to experience the water.

Eating Out

Gizan has a number of dining options for you to choose from, representing cultures from all over the world.

If you’re looking for somewhere to eat, then here are the places that we would recommend:

Name: Rotiboy Arabia
Type: American
Budget: Low
This Malaysian establishment is very popular in Gizan, with both locals and tourists enjoying its many delicious treats. It refers to itself as an ‘American bakery’, with a selection of delicious foods on offer. Many people enjoy its signature item, a butter-filled, coffee flavoured ‘Rotiboy Bun’ – best eaten when it’s fresh from the oven.

Name: Figaro Café
Type: Middle Eastern
Budget: Low
Located in the Premium Shopping Mall, Figaro Café is the ideal place to go if you’re looking for a coffee and a quick bite to eat. They have a selection of delicious sandwiches, as well as a variety of different pastries, and some of the nicest coffee in Gizan.

Name: Roma Way
Type: Italian
Budget: Low
Italian food is loved all over the world, and that is no different here in Gizan. This restaurant has a varied menu suitable for every taste. For the pizza-lovers, choose from a selection of delicious, freshly-baked pizzas with your choice of toppings. Pasta dishes, cooked right in front of you, are also available, as well as a number of Italian sandwiches.

Name: Happy Times Restaurant
Type: Seafood
Budget: Medium
If seafood is your cuisine of choice, then the Happy Times Restaurant should be your first visit. They offer the best seafood in Gizan, fresh from the sea. You can sit outside as you eat, enjoying the stunning views across the water.

A few things to be aware of…

·         Brunch is very popular in Gizan, make sure to try it out!

·         Restaurants will be closed during sunlight hours during Ramadan

Hotels in Gizan

There are many high-quality hotels in Gizan, all suited to different budgets.

Here are five that we would recommend:

Radisson Blu Resort (5 Star)

Price: SR 550 – SR 1,096 ($146-$292, £102-£203)

One of the newest Radisson Blu Resorts is located right here in Gizan, close by to the city centre and Gizan Regional Airport. It’s also based right by the coast, providing guests with spectacular views of the Red Sea. State-of-the-art business and leisure facilities make it the ideal place to stay.

Courtyard Gizan (4 Star)

Price: SR 442 – SR 647 ($118-$172, £82-£210)

A brand new hotel suitable for business people. Each room is luxurious and offers the necessary accommodation for a businessman, with a work desk and high-speed internet included. It also has on-site restaurants, an indoor pool and a high-quality fitness centre.

Holiday Gizan Hotel (4 Star)

Price: SR 518 – SR 572 ($138-$152, £96-£106)

The Holiday Gizan Hotel has the perfect location, right in the city centre. Its close proximity to the Kadi Centre, North Corniche and Al Rashid Mall make it the ideal hotel for many people. You’ll find all the usual amenities included, plus a share lounge and various shops.

Residence Inn Gizan (3 Star)

Price: SR 545 – SR 842 ($145-$224, £101-£156)

The Residence Inn Gizan is another hotel that caters to those conducting business in the city. Based just 15 minutes away from the King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Airport, and the Al Rashid Mall, it is one of the most convenient hotels in Gizan.

Gizan Inn Hotel (4 Star)

Price: SR 442 – SR 545 ($118-$145, £82-£101)

For a great view of the Northern Corniche, Gizan Inn Hotel offers a great place to stay. Free Wi-Fi and a high-quality TV is in every room, while the on-site restaurants offer a variety of great cuisines from around the world. It is located just ten minutes away from the King Abdullah Regional Airport.

The Weather in Gizan

Much like the rest of Saudi Arabia, and in fact the majority of Middle Eastern countries, Gizan is predominantly hot throughout the year.

Naturally, it gets particularly warm through the summer months – which typically run from around May to September.

It gets a little cooler in December, January and February – but the temperatures are still quite high even at this time of year.

Events in Gizan

There are a number of fun events that take place in Gizan throughout the year. Here are a few we would recommend you check out:

Name: Winter Festival
Date: January-February
Around this time of year, the locals in Gizan tend to take a vacation, and to celebrate host a number of different family-friendly activities. There are theatre productions, specifically for children, as well as a temporary theme park.

Name: Al Hareed Festival
Date: April-May
The Al-Hareed Festival takes place off the mainland coast on Farasan Island. It celebrates the arrival of the Parrotfish to the area, which occurs at this time each year. The festival includes an opening ceremony, Jet Ski shows and night-time events.

Name: Summer Events at the Heritage Village
Date: June-July
Gizan’s Heritage Village showcases the culture and history of the city, and is typically open throughout the year. However, during the summer there are numerous events held here – including folk performances, children’s shows and a drawing studio, where visitors are encouraged to get involved.


The transport situation in Gizan is not straightforward – there is no comprehensive public transport system.

Most people find that the best way to get around is via taxi, which is quite an affordable option. However, if your hotel is located centrally, you might find that many places are within walking distance.

Other Considerations

Religious Culture

Gizan, like the rest of Saudi Arabia, is Islamically conservative, and as such is governed by Sharia law.

It is essential that you show the utmost respect for the Islamic faith during your stay, and abide by all the rules and regulations.

If you do so, and are considerate of the local cultures, then you will find the locals are most welcoming.

Local Currency

The Saudi Riyal is used in Gizan. SR 1 is approximately equal to $0.27 and £0.19.

This source states that the cost of living is around 45% lower than in New York City, and 38% lower than it is in London.

Insider Tips

As with many places in the Middle East, the working week runs from Sunday to Thursday. This is important information if you’re in Gizan on business.

Also, you should always be aware of the local prayer times, as this may affect your day-to-day activities. You can find a schedule here.

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