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Cheap Flights to Assiut

The beautiful city of Assiut lies 200 miles to the south of Cairo, and represents a more traditional aspect of Egyptian culture.

Whilst other parts of the country have become somewhat modernised, Assiut’s main attraction is its legacy. It was the ancient capital of the Thirteenth Nome of Upper Egypt.

Today, visitors can expect to find a variety of exciting things to do, as well as a range of amazing restaurants, and luxurious accommodations.

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Attractions and activities to do in Assiut

Assiut isn’t the largest or most popular city to visit, but there are still plenty of attractions to keep you busy during your stay.
Here are a few of the things we recommend you check out…

Alexan Pasha Palace

This beautiful palace has been a feature in Assiut since the early 20th century, and has hosted many notable occasions. In recent years, it has been turned into a fantastic museum, showcasing the incredible history of Assiut, and Egypt as a whole.

Assiut Barrage

Built in 1903 by British engineer Sir William Willcocks, this is one of the most notable structures in all of Assiut. It has been renovated over the recent years, and there are plenty of surrounding shops and markets nearby for you to enjoy. Please be aware, photography of the barrage is prohibited.

Banana Island

A popular spot to visit for those in Assiut is Banana Island – named after its delicious fruit. Many like making the trip for a couple of hours, where they can enjoy a picnic, or browse the many beautiful banana, orange and papaya trees. There is also plenty of wildlife to see – including crocodiles and monkeys.

Eating Out in Assiut

Assiut is home to plenty of delicious restaurants – from cheap eateries, to premium, luxury restaurants.

Whatever your budget, there are excellent dishes available for you in Assiut.

Here are a few of our favorite restaurants…

Name: Cook Door

Type: Burgers

Budget: Low

This chain restaurant is popular with the locals, and has outlets found all over the country. If you’re not familiar with the food on offer here – you need to be. The burgers are sensational, cooked to perfection using the freshest and finest meats available. There are plenty of options to choose from at an excellent value.

Name: Mostafa Darwish

Type: Egyptian

Budget: Medium

Mostafa Darwish is a hidden gem that provides fantastic dishes paired with great service. If you visit here – we’d highly recommend the kebabs you’ll find on the menu. But we’re confident you won’t be disappointed with whatever you choose. Provides excellent value for money.

Name: Happy Dolphin

Type: Egyptian

Budget: Medium

Aside from the great food, one of the best reasons to visit the Happy Dolphin restaurant is its location. Based right by the Nile, you can dine whilst experiencing incredible views of the famous river. Visit for an evening meal within the best atmosphere.

Name: Arabiata

Type: Egyptian

Budget: Low

Arabiata is another high-quality chain restaurant, known throughout many places in Egypt. It serves tasty Egyptian dishes at reasonable prices. You can visit for dinner or lunch (they have a range of delicious sandwiches and burgers available). This restaurant also has a home delivery service.

Hotels in Assiut

You’ll find a number of high-quality hotels based in Assiut, ready to offer you comfortable accommodation whilst you’re in the city. Here are a few of the ones we would recommend you check out:

El Watania Palace Hotel

The El Watania Palace Hotel is one of the newest and largest accommodation spots in Assiut. The rooms are spacious, and it includes a number of amenities to fulfill your needs. Guests can also enjoy a rooftop grill restaurant, which serves some fantastic dishes.

Cemex Hotel

The Cemex Hotel is one of the best reviewed in Assiut, with guests enjoying a comfortable stay whether they’re visiting for business or pleasure. It has great facilities and an efficient, caring staff who will ensure you have a pleasant stay. You really can’t go wrong with the Cemex Hotel.

Assiut Hotel Armed Forces

A smaller hotel suitable for those on a more restricted budget – the Assiut Hotel Armed Forces still offers a comfortable stay. It has a good location, so if you’re looking to get out and explore the city of Assiut, this hotel makes for a suitable base for a few days.

Weather in Assiut

Like the rest of Egypt – and most of Africa – Assiut is typically warm to hot throughout most of the year.

However, it does have its colder months.

The temperature is typically at its highest during the summer, as you would expect, with temperatures reaching upwards of 30°C in June, July and August.

On the other end of the scale, temperatures can go as low as 10°C in December and January.

If you’re looking to visit at a time that isn’t too hot, but the weather is still quite pleasant, then we’d recommend April, May or October.

Other Considerations

The Egyptian Pound is used in Assiut. 1 EGP is equal to approximately $0.057 and £0.040.

This is probably the best option, as it is a long drive from other Egyptian cities such as Cairo.