All About Redeeming SMILE Points

There is nothing quite like the excitement of stepping on a plane on route to your next holiday destination. What makes it all come together is the SMILE Points you have used to pay for this trip, which have saved you money to spend on shopping and other travel activities. With nasmiles, we want to make sure you come on board with a smile.

Once you have a minimum balance of 100 SMILE Points in your membership account, you will be able to start redeeming and paying for flights and all other travel products that flynas has to offer to make your journey more memorable.



To book a flight using your SMILE Points, visit our homepage and enter your booking preferences Then make sure to select “Pay with SMILE Points” before searching for flights..


To complete your booking journey; through the payment page select “nasmiles” as your payment method, and then .sign-in using your nasmiles ID or email and password


From the redemption slider, you can select the amount you wish to redeem for.


Pay the remaining amount