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What is SADAD Account?

SADAD Account is the new payment service from SADAD that will provide a secure electronic payment method for the client to shop online without the need for a credit card. It will serve as a system that would facilitate direct debit from the client dedicated bank account “SADAD Account”, which ensures adequate authentication and authorization before debit or additions of accounts. It is also considered as the first step towards making the preferred payment options as digital, sophisticated, and involve innovation to enable payment via mobile phone in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

What’s the difference between SADAD Account and SADAD Bills?

SADAD Account enables clients to initiate purchase online through the use of their “SADAD Account” without the need for a credit card or cash.

Creating SADAD Account:

  • Registration Process: The client must register using their preferred username on the registration screen. Then needs to set a password to their account and confirm account registration by entering the code so that the account will be enabled in the system.
  • Balance Refill Process: The users can transfer funds online from their current bank account to their “SADAD Account”.
  • Payment and Logout Process:The users can complete their payments electronically through “SADAD Account” service, where the money will be deducted directly from their account and added to flynas's account immediately.

SADAD Account is currently supported by Al Rajhi Bank, Alahli NCB, Riyadh Bank, Samba, SABB, Bank AlJazira, Saudi Invesment Bank, Alinma Bank, & Arab National Bank.