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Convert WooW Points to SMILE Points. For every 8,000 WooW points get 250 SMILE Points. That’s enough points to start redeeming for your next flynas flight.

How it works

To start converting WooW points follow these simple steps:

  1. Login to your WooW account.
  2. Select nasmiles from the e-catalog.
  3. Click Redeem now.
  4. Enter your nasmiles ID when asked.

Enjoy converting!

There’s no maximum limit to transfers or maximum limits per transactions.

So, the more you spend on your SAIB card, the more you can convert into SMILE Points, the more you can fly.

To start converting click here.

Terms & Conditions

nasmiles members are required to enter their nasmiles ID at the time of redeeming WooW points.

Converted WooW points will take 48 hours to reflect in the member’s nasmiles account balance.

WooW points can be converted and transferred to any nasmiles member’s account.

Converted SMILE Points cannot be reversed back to WooW points.

The minimum converted points is 8000 WooW Points that equals 250 SMILE Points

Terms & Conditions of nasmiles loyalty program apply

Please visit: https://www.saib.com.sa/en/content/terms-and-conditions-0 for SAIB terms and conditions.

For any further assistance/inquiries from nasmiles customer care please write to us:[email protected]

For any further assistance/inquiries from WooW Program please write to: