Hajj & Umrah Flights

In 2011, flynas Hajj & Umrah Company was established to compete in the untapped religious market all over the world especially during Hajj and Umrah seasons. flynas hajj & umrah Aviation is considered the second largest carrier of Hajj and Umrah pilgrims into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The Hajj & Umrah flight operations are planned across different continents including Europe, Africa, and Asia. The group, NAS Holding, has extensive exposure and experience in the aviation industry. In the year 1431H, the governments of Senegal, Cameroon, and India awarded the Hajj contracts. These included extended dedicated Hajj & Umrah services from a total of 11 destinations within these 3 countries to Jeddah and Medina. The operations resulted in successfully uplifting of 40,000 pilgrims with 127 flights operated for each phase a total of 254 Hajj flights, utilizing one A310-300, two B757-200, one B767-200, and one A330-200.The overall operation was described as a smooth operation with excellent customer experience.
Up until today, flynas hajj & umrah Aviation continues to expand its operations into different countries across different regions. In 1436/2015 flynas hajj & umrah Aviation has successfully uplifted over 101,000 pilgrims and operated 335 flights for each phase a total of 671 Hajj flights to 17 countries in Africa, India and Central Asia, utilizing 13 aircrafts three B747-400, five B767-300, one B757-200, two A330-300, and two A320.