Ticket Buyers Donate to Disabled Children’s Association via flynas Website

Riyadh, February 10:
Officials from both flynas, the Saudi national carrier, and the Disabled Children’s Association (DCA) gathered recently to celebrate the delivery of the first check generated by “Buy a Ticket with a Child’s Smile,” program, accessible at The money will be used to benefit children with disabilities.

The campaign was launched in September, 2014 as an initiative to encourage flynas guests purchasing tickets through the carrier’s website to click on a special icon and donate to the cause of disabled children. flynas kicked off the campaign with its own donation of air tickets worth a total of SR200,000.

“We want to express our deepest gratitude to flynas guests who have chosen to support the campaign through their generous donations,” said Wael Al-Sarhan, Director of Marketing and Communications at NAS Holding Group, flynas’ parent company. “Their support is just another sign of the generosity of Saudi society and its sincere interest in lending a helping hand to the needy. We have actually received communications from donors who expressed their gratitude for the ease with which they were able to make their donations. We are proud to be pioneering the concept of E-voluntary work in Saudi Arabia and plan to continue to provide innovative opportunities to make donations to improve the lives of those with special needs.”

In addition to numerous “Buy a Ticket with a Child’s Smile” donors who witnessed the presentation of the SR100,000 check, also on hand was Mr. Awad Al Ghamdi, Secretary General at the Disabled Children’s Association.

“The success of this campaign after just five months says a lot about both Saudi society and flynas’ relationship with the flying public,” His Excellency Dr. Abdulrahman Al Sewailem, Vice Chairman of the Disabled Children’s Association, stated. “We look forward to continued collaboration in the future as both our entities strive to provide a better life for people with special needs and their families. We believe that, given the trust of Saudis in flynas and DCA, we will be able to make a serious impact on peoples’ lives.”

flynas is known for its leadership in initiatives and programs designed to serve the community. Among such activities is its support for “SANAD” charitable programs for children with cancer, its partnership with King Salman Center for Disability Research, and other charitable bodies that seek prominent roles in improving the lives of Saudi citizens of all means and backgrounds.