Domestic routes are our priority; new national destinations coming this year – Muhanna

RIYADH, April 2015 – flynas, the national Saudi carrier, will add two Airbus A320 airliners to its 24-strong fleet.

The airline said that the move aims to bolster its operations in general and domestic routes in particular.

Bandar Al-Muhanna, Chief Executive Officer of Nas Holding, said that the first of the two jets will enter service in June, to be joined by the second one in October.

“We give great priority to domestic flights, and work hard to expand domestic routes to serve as many guests as possible,” he said. “Seeing as to how much growth there is in the market and the ever-growing demand on some routes, we plan to add even more jets to our fleet in 2016. We have successfully boosted our capabilities to the point where we can offer comprehensive services to our guests and enable them to enjoy a good flying experience, and that includes our cooperation with all domestic airports in order to improve our operational performance and streamline traveling procedures.

“Air travel is witnessing a surge that has resulted in intensified air traffic recently, coinciding with GACA’s announcement that many projects to open and enlarge domestic airports are in their final stages. As a national carrier, we are thoroughly working to keep up with these changes so as to provide world-class services and boost flights to meet the demands of our guests whatever their destinations may be.”

flynas had recently signed a cooperation agreement with the General Commission for Tourism and Antiquities, with the aim of developing national tourism and investment, as part of a national program to develop the tourism sector.