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Fly to Qassim

Qassim, also known as Al-Gassim, is situated in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula and it’s said to be the richest area in Saudi Arabia. The region itself is split by the Rummah Valley, and flanked by the main cities including Buraidah (the region’s capital city) and Unaizah adding to the uniqueness of the land. The geographical make-up of the area also lends the land to many attractions to see, foods to try and artefacts to buy. Book flights to Qassim now with flynas.

Attractions and activities to do in Qassim

Qassim, Saudi Arabia is steeped in history so there are a number of stories to be told and sights to see. The rock of Antarah ibn Shaddad is what remains of one such story. If you’re here for the week or just a weekend book a tour so you can see the sites

Eating Out in Qassim

Gassim is rich in produce so be sure to try the dates, oranges, lemons, grapefruits and pomegranates during your stay. There are also a number of local dishes on offer, including Marquq bread, the pasta dish Matazeez and the grain Jareesh, which are served at many restaurants.

Qassim Hotels

Internationally recognised hotels sit next to resorts and boutique suites in the main cities Buraidah and Unaizah so take your pick. 

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Weather in Qassim

From warm summer days to cold and rainy winters, the temperature here is reminiscent of many other Saudi Arabian cities making the Qassim region a great destination to visit all year around.

Events in Qassim

Qassim is one of the world’s largest suppliers of dates, so it’s only natural that the area hosts an annual dates season ceremony in September known as Unaizah: Kingdom of Dates. There’s also the Buraidah Recreational Festival and the Al-Mithnib Summer Festival.