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Dammam to Qassim flights

Book a cheap flight to Qassim with flynas.

It’s very simple to book a flight with flynas – no matter where your destination is.

With a number of routes available across Saudi Arabia and also overseas, you can find a cheap and enjoyable flight to and from a range of locations.

If you’re looking to fly from Dammam to Qassim, there are many flights available throughout the week. In fact, there are at least two non-direct flights from Dammam to Qassim every day.

In the meantime, you might want to consider reading our Qassim travel guide?

You can find further details on the best hotels, attractions and restaurants in the city – all in one place.

Then, you can go ahead and book a date to travel with flynas today.

When is it cheapest to fly from Dammam to Qassim?

It is marginally cheaper to fly from Dammam to Qassim during the week.

However, although it’s slightly more expensive to fly on a Friday and Saturday – you can still expect to pay a reasonable price, provided you book far enough ahead in advance.

The same still applies if you want to travel during the week. Book as far ahead in advance as possible to get the cheapest deal.

How long does it take to fly from Dammam to Qassim?

Since there are a variety of different non-direct flights stopping off at different Saudi airports, the flight duration obviously varies depending on the flight you choose to book.

This will often depend on the layover or time you have to wait in between boarding you connecting flight.

On the other hand – a direct flight from Dammam to Qassim 1 hour 30 minutes.

How to book your cheap flight from Dammam to Qassim

When you book direct through the flynas website – the process is easy.

As mentioned above, there are plenty of options to choose from regarding flights from Dammam to Qassim – so all you need to do is pick your chosen date and proceed through to purchase your air ticket.

You can also book your flight through the flynas contact centre on +966 920001234 (toll free KSA only) or +966 114349000 (for international customers).