menusampleIn-flight meals

Onboard all our flynas flights, our friendly in-flight crews offer light snacks and refreshments for sale. So sit back, relax and enjoy your choice of meal and beverage from our flynas menu the nas-cafe. You can enjoy fresh sandwiches, snacks, hot and cold drinks, including Starbucks coffee, on board your flynas flight. Our new menu also includes premium chocolate and confectionery, hot noodles, juices and energy drinks.

If you want a full meal, why not select from our range of salads, snack meals and hot dishes (available for pre-order only)? For full details of our current range please click here. To add a meal to your flight booking simply visit Manage Booking and choose from the options on your flight. Please note we are unable to guarantee availability of each item on your flight.

Bringing food onboard

If you prefer, you can bring your own snacks and drinks with you aboard, however our flight attendants are unable to heat up any food items not sold as part of our flynas menu. Please also note that any items you bring aboard, including food and drinks, will be included in your 7kg cabin baggage allowance.