A statement by flynas

flynas would like to express its deep apologies for the suspension of its flights during the multiple sandstorms that hit vast areas of Saudi Arabia and other Arabian Gulf countries on Wednesday and Thursday.

These dust storms caused the cancellation of 70 flights and the diversion of 40 others, and brought on a complete halt of ground operations as per standard air safety and security procedures. These events and conditions caused some flights to land at airports other than their intended destinations, with the result being the postponement and complete rescheduling of some flights. The entire team at flynas worked day and night to get operations back to normal, and a crisis management team made up of members of various departments had been placed on the ground at the affected airports to communicate with all guests and answer their questions.

These circumstances were out of the company’s control, but we would like to assure you, our esteemed guests, however, that we are now continuously running additional flights and using every resource available to us – including aircraft and crewmen – to serve you and make up for any disruptions in your travel plans caused by these weather conditions. Guests of flynas who had booked tickets on canceled and postpones flights have every right to change their bookings and be compensated, without any additional costs incurred by them. They can also credit their tickets to future flights. We welcome flynas guests to contact us through our call center (920001234) for any more questions or notes.

We apologize again to our flynas guests for these unforeseen circumstances, and would like to thank them for their understanding and patience with us, and we assure them that we are always committed to give them the best possible services.