EN 1500may LP

Offer Details

500 Bonus SMILE Points for new members to join the naSmiles program and that will be awarded after the first flight, along with any one way trip for a Bonus 500 SMILE Points and 1,000 Bonus SMILE Points for a Round Trip along with the SMILE Points earned from the base fare and travel extras.
500 Bonus SMILE Points for all current members who fly a One Way trip, and 1,000 Bonus SMILE Points for members who fly a Round Trip in May 2016.
Members / guests will also earn their applicable base SMILE Points for their flight and future flights within the offer period.

Terms & Conditions

  • New members into the program can avail the offer; only verified email addresses will be eligible to be awarded Bonus SMILE Points throughout the offer period.
  • There is no limit to the number of Bonus SMILE Points a member can earn, the more you fly in May, the more you earn.
  • Bonus SMILE Points do not count toward the member Tier status within the naSmiles program.
  • Bonus SMILE Points earned during the promotional period will be awarded within 14 days of the flight date.
  • Bonus SMILE Points are only awarded on flown flights not booked flights.
  • Members must enter their naSmiles membership number at the time of booking or prior to flying to avail all Bonus SMILE Points.
  • Members must enter their correct 10 digit naSmiles membership number in the guest information page of the online flynas.com booking engine to be eligible for the Bonus SMILE Points throughout the campaign period.
  • Members cannot be awarded Bonus SMILE Points on behalf of other members or non-members.
  • Bonus SMILE Points will be eligible for members on the 1st day of the campaign launch.