Flights from Al-Jawf to Riyadh

Riyadh is a really popular place to visit, and one of Saudi Arabia’s wealthiest cities.

Whether you take a trip up Al Faisaliah Tower, or escape the city to explore the Wadi Namir park and waterfall, you will easily fill your itinerary of places to go.

We’ve even got a travel guide on Riyadh to help you get started on your itinerary.

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When Is It Cheapest to Fly from Al-Jawf to Riyadh?

You’ll be happy to know there’s no real difference in price when it comes to looking into what specific day you fly, so the choice is yours.

When looking into what month is cheapest, it’s no surprise that the lower flight prices can be found in October, November and January, due to these being the less popular months to travel.

Flight prices by month do fluctuate year on year however, so ensure you factor this in when planning your travel.

If you are looking to fly direct, the only airline that offers these flights is Saudi Arabian Airlines. Therefore, it may be the case that an indirect flight is more convenient for you.

How Long Does It Take to Fly from Al-Jawf to Riyadh?

The flight direct to Riyadh takes just 1 hour 35 minutes with the return taking just 5 minutes longer at 1 hour 40 minutes.

Scheduled flights run daily adding an extra level of convenience when it comes to deciding what day to fly – as the option is yours.

If you prefer the time of an indirect flight it is worth bearing in mind the layover time between flights is likely to be over 3 hours, delaying your arrival time to Riyadh.

A popular lay-over location however is Jeddah, so you may want to expand your trip and visit Jeddah also – making the most of the connection.

How to Book a Cheap Flight from Al-Jawf to Riyadh

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The simple online booking form lets you compare flights from a range of popular airlines.

And when it comes to planning what to do whilst you’re there, we have a travel guide on Riyadh to kick start this.

This includes recommended hotels, top attractions and places to eat, so should help your holiday planning.