Flights from Abha to Al-Baha

When planning your travel to Al-Baha, it couldn’t be easier when you choose flynas.

A city known for its beautiful natural surroundings, Al-Baha is a popular place to visit in Saudi Arabia.

Take the time out to explore Dhee Ayn and appreciate the marble village at this world heritage site.

There’s plenty to explore, and you can find more information on this on our travel guide here

And when it comes to booking your flight, take the time to look at the range of options on the flynas booking form.

When Is It Cheapest to Fly from Abha to Al-Baha?

As direct flights are irregular to Al-Baha, the cost of these tend not to fluctuate too much.

It is however worth noting that in-direct flights can vary in cost, with this very much depending on the location of your stop-over.

So consider this when you plan your flights, as it may be that you decide to spend some time at the layover location too, and really make the most of your travels.

How Long Does It Take to Fly from Abha to Al-Baha?

A flight from Abha to Al-Baha is only short in duration – taking just 55 minutes on a direct flight.

It’s very much a quick internal flight, and when it comes to returning, the flight time is even shorter, at just 45 minutes.

Direct flights to Al-Baha are only scheduled twice a week, therefore it’s worth considering this when you plan your trip as flights which include a stop-over are much higher in price, and tend to have a long lay-over time.

The scheduled days for direct flights are on Thursday and Saturday.

How to Book a Cheap Flight from Abha to Al-Baha

If you’d like to book a flight to Al-Baha, then why not choose to book with flynas.

The simple online booking form allows you to compare flights from a range of airlines, ensuring you get to travel at a time that suits you.

And if you need further information, there’s a range of helpful resources and guides on site to ensure you book the trip that’s right for you.