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Did your family and friends join naSmiles?

Refer your family and friends now to join naSmiles and earn 50 SMILE Points for every referral if they join naSmiles and fly with flynas.

When your family and friends join naSmiles and fly with flynas, they will also earn SMILE Points for all their flights and extras and all the SMILE Points from old flights in the last 90 days.

Simply, forward your family and friends your naSmiles membership number or your email address that you have registered with in naSmiles.

Now you can access your membership card when accessing your naSmiles account from the flynas application. To know more about the naSmiles app login Click Here!

Terms and Conditions

♦ There is no limit to the number of referrals you can earn 50 SMILE Points from.
♦ You must be a naSmiles member to earn these bonus SMILE Points.
♦ Your referrals must join naSmiles and validate their emails.
♦ Your referrals must book and fly with flynas within 90 days of joining naSmiles to have you earn the 50 SMILE Points.
♦ These bonus SMILE Points do not count towards your tier status upgrade.
♦ Referring bonus SMILE Points will be awarded in 14 days from time of referrals flights.