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Being a member of naSmiles gives you access to exclusive benefits.

When you join naSmiles, you are immediately enrolled as a Bronze member, when you earn 20,000 SMILE Points you are upgraded to Silver membership, reaching Gold is easier than you think, all you need to do is earn 40,000 SMILE Points and 80,000 SMILE Points for Platinum.

naSmiles members can enjoy exclusive benefits like sale fare previews, priority check-in and Tier Bonuses just to name a few.

View our Frequently Asked Questions for more details on our naSmiles tiers.

To receive the exclusive benefits of each naSmiles tier, all you need to do is earn the required SMILE Points for each Tier.

Join naSmiles or Book a Flight

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naSmiles tiers qualify spend

Reaching Silver, Gold or Platinum depends on your spend within a 12 month period.

  20,000 SMILE Points 40,000 SMILE Points 80,000 SMILE Points

naSmiles offers by tier

Receive exclusive offers based on your tier level, offers just for you.

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Bonus SMILE points

Reach rewards faster and earn Bonus SMILE Points.

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Family SMILE points pooling

Enjoy travelling sooner when your family’s SMILE Points are pooled into a Family Head Account.

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Birthday bonus SMILE points

Receive 500 Bonus SMILE Points when you fly in your Birthday month.

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Exclusive sale fares

Be the first to know about and book exclusive sale fares offered by flynas before anyone else.

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Tier upgrade bonus SMILE points

Our way of saying thanks, earn 250 SMILE Points when you upgrade to Silver, 500 when you upgrade to Gold and 1,000 when you upgrade to Platinum.

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Domestic priority check-in

Never queue again, you can access the priority check-in queue at all available Airports across the Flynas domestic network.

    plane2 plane2

International priority check-in

Never queue again, you can access the priority check-in queue at all available Airports across the Flynas international network.

    plane2 plane2

Priority on-board meal service

Once you have pre-purchased your meal, relax knowing you get served first onboard the aircraft.

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Lounge Access

Complimentary lounge access to the nasmiles lounge in Terminal 5, Riyadh

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Welcoming gift

Welcome to Platinum – Receive a welcome gift for reaching platinum, simply our way to say thanks for choosing flynas and being a member of naSmiles.