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03 Sep 2013
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03 Sep 2013

In-flight Menu

Onboard all our flynas flights, our friendly in-flight crews offer light snacks and refreshments for sale. So sit back, relax and enjoy your choice of meal and beverage from our flynas menu, the nas-cafe.




  • You can enjoy fresh sandwiches, snacks, hot and cold drinks, including Starbucks coffee, on board your flynas flight. Our new menu also includes premium chocolate and confectionery, hot noodles, juices and energy drinks.

    If you want a full meal, why not select from our range of salads, snack meals and hot dishes (available for pre-order only)? For full details of our current range please click here. To add a meal to your flight booking simply visit Manage Booking and choose from the options on your flight. Please note we are unable to guarantee availability of each item on your flight.


    Cold Beverages

    7 UP Refreshing lemon and lime with no artificial flavours. SAR 5
    Pepsi Everyone's favourite... we also offer Diet Pepsi, which gives you all the refreshment you need with zero sugar, zero calories and zero carbs. SAR 5
    Almarai Juice 100% natural choice of orange juice and apple juice. No added sugar. SAR 5
    Red Bull A unique combination of high quality ingredients, Red Bull Energy drink vitalizes body and mind. SAR 10
    Almarai Milk Your favourite UHT milk, fortified with calcium and vitamins, is a delicious and healthy treat. Available in chocolate or strawberry flavour. SAR 5
    Evian Water Experience the ultimate purity from the French Alps. SAR 5

    Hot Beverages

    Starbucks via Ready Brew Enjoy an expertly roasted, delicious cup of coffee for your Starbucks moment in the air.

    SAR 15
    English Garden Tea The finest tea, 100% organically grown, packaged in England.
    Served with a complimentary cookie.
    SAR 10
    Hot Chocolate Hot Chocolate, a drink to enjoy and savour.
    Go on, spoil yourself.
    Served with a complimentary cookie.
    SAR 12
    Cappuccino Medium blend using the finest coffee beans for a smooth taste.
    Served with a complimentary cookie.
    SAR 12


    7 Days Chocolate Croissant Tasty chocolate croissant baked to satisfy your hunger and make you smile. SAR 5
    Kit Kat Have a break….. have a Kit Kat. SAR 6
    Toblerone The legendary triangular Swiss chocolate with honey and almond nougat. 
    SAR 5
    Barni Snack Soft sponge snack with chocolate filling, every kid's favourite. SAR 5
    Prince Chocolate Biscuits

    Generously filled with rich chocolate cream between crispy and delicious biscuit shells, every bite of Prince gives you the fulfilling taste of creamy smooth chocolate and fresh biscuit.

    SAR 5
    Oreo Biscuits

    Oreo, the world's number 1 biscuit. First introduced in 1912 and now sold in over 100 countries around the world.

    SAR 5
    Cadbury Time Out

    A ripple of chocolate sitting between layers of wafer dunked in delicious Cadbury milk chocolate, perfect with your tea!

    SAR 5
    Cadbury Dairy Milk

    Cadbury's Dairy Milk, launched in 1905 and still a favourite around the world!

    SAR 5
    Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly

    A glass and a half of milk is in every half pound bar of chocolate. Made with fresh milk from the British Isles, and Fairtrade cocoa beans, enJOY!

    SAR 5


    Doritos Experience the intense taste of sweet chilies. SAR 5
    Lays 100% Saudi potatoes, only the best ingredients in the number 1 potato chip brand.
    Available in French Cheese or Tomato Ketchup flavour.
    SAR 5
    Indomie Noodles Satisfy your hunger with the everyone's favourite instant noodles.
    Available in chicken or vegetable flavour.
    SAR 10


    Cream Cheese Sandwich Cream cheese and cucumber in fresh samouli bread. SAR 15
    Chicken Sandwich Mexican Chicken and cheese with a BBQ sauce in fresh ciabatta bread. SAR 15
    Cheese Calzone

    Melting cheese wrapped in a hot pizza crust, yummy at any time of day!

    SAR 15
    Spanish Omelette Calzone

    Hot Omelette wrapped in a steaming pizza crust, the perfect breakfast to set you up for the day.

    SAR 15
    Chicken Ratatouille Calzone

    Chicken and vegetables wrapped in a hot pizza crust, a tasty snack for lunch or dinner.

    SAR 15
  • If you prefer you can bring your own snacks and drinks with you aboard, however our flight attendants are unable to heat any food items not sold as part of our flynas menu.

    Also please note that any items you bring aboard, including food and drinks, will be included in your 7kg cabin baggage allowance.