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Visit flynas.com, select your preferred route and dates of travel, enter the number of adults, children and infants and click on “find flights”. You will be presented with the fare options available and departure/arrival times for your trip, if these are not suitable you can search for previous/next days by clicking on the date tabs at the top of the screen. Alternatively contact our Contact Center on 9200 01234 or visit one of our sales offices.

Yes. Our current flight schedule is always available here.
Our cheapest fares are limited on each flight; therefore you need to book early for our lowest fares. We also offer regular promotions and special offers on our mobile app; click here to learn more and download.
Yes, you can choose your seat when you make your booking through flynas.com or the flynas mobile app anytime up to 4 hours before your departure time
We are pleased to accept the following payment methods:
  • Flynas.com: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, SADAD, flynas Vouchers & flynas Credit Shell.
  • Contact Center: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, SADAD, flynas Vouchers & flynas Credit Shell.
  • Sales Offices: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Cash & flynas Vouchers.
  • Airport Sales Desks: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Cash & flynas Vouchers.
Please note if you are making a change to your booking and a fee is due, payment may only be made by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or flynas vouchers if on flynas.com or by these methods plus flynas credit shell via our Contact Center.

A credit shell is the balance remaining after deduction of any fees after making a cancellation to your booking. flynas credit shells are valid for 1 year and can be used as full or part payment towards a new booking, or to pay change fees in an existing booking, for either the named guest on the original booking or a member of their immediate family. To use your credit shell simply call our Contact Center on 9200 01234.

Absolutely, we take personal data security seriously and use secure servers to store our data. When you book using your credit card your details are masked in our system and cannot be accessed by our contact center or sales staff.

It is the 3-digit number on the back of your card.

If you have a promotion code simply enter the code into the “promo code” box when searching for your flights, your discount will be automatically calculated and included in the fares displayed.

No, pets are not allowed on flynas.

In order to offer the lowest prices our fares are non-refundable, if you don’t arrive in time for your flight your booking will be cancelled and no refund due. However, our fares are flexible and can be changed or cancelled before departure (fees may apply)
We believe our guests are looking for the best deals and don’t wish to pay for options they may not personally select. Our fares don’t include any free meals or drinks, however we do offer a selection of sweets, drinks and snacks for purchase onboard plus you can pre-order from our selection of meals up to 72 hours before you fly.
Groups of 10 or more passengers travelling on the same itinerary should contact our dedicated Groups Team on 9200 01234, from 9-5, Sunday to Thursday. Please note our Group fares may be higher than lowest fares available on flynas.com but are offered with more flexible terms and conditions.
Yes, we have partnered with travel companies around the region to offer flynas guests the best deals on car rental, hotels and airport lounge access.
Yes, we have sales staff in all KSA airports and most international airports who can sell seats on flynas flights for immediate or future travel.
Click here to find your nearest flynas sales office.

Each guest may carry 1 bag of max 7kg, maximum dimensions of 56(H)X36(W)X23(D)cm for no additional charge. If any cabin baggage is heavier or larger than the permitted weight/dimensions it must be checked in as hold baggage and relevant excess baggage charges must be paid. In addition, each guest may carry one small laptop case or small handbag which must be stowed under the seat in front of them in the cabin.

Your hold baggage allowance will depend on the fare you have booked.
Non-standard/oversized items of baggage such as Golf Clubs and Skis may be accepted for carriage as Hold Baggage. If accepted, any item over our 158CM (H+W+D) will be subject to a handling fee of SAR100 per piece. We retain the right to refuse to carry as baggage any item due to its size, shape, weight, nature or character. We retain the right to refuse to accept Baggage for carriage if we reasonably believe that it is not properly and securely packed in suitable containers to ensure safe carriage with ordinary handling care.
Yes, for security reasons, certain restrictions have been introduced to limit the amount of liquids, aerosols and gels (LAG) that guests may include in their cabin baggage on international flights. LAG items such as drinks, creams, perfumes, sprays, gels and toothpaste must be in containers that have a maximum capacity of 100 ml/mg. All LAG containers should fit comfortably in a transparent re-sealable plastic bag and each guest is limited to only one transparent re-sealable plastic bag with a volume no greater than one liter and dimension no larger than 20 cm x 20 cm.
flynas does not accept any responsibility for the secure carriage of any valuable items therefore we recommend you pack all valuables in your cabin baggage.

Yes, you can save up to 50% on airport charges by pre-paying for hold baggage in excess of your allowance. These discounts are available on flynas.com, via our Contact Center and from our sales offices either when you make your booking or at any time up to 12 hours before your scheduled departure time.

You can add extra baggage to your booking up to 12 hours before your scheduled departure time. The simplest way is to visit flynas.com, click on “Manage my Booking” and enter your flight details. You will see an option in the left menu to “Add/Remove Baggage”, select this option, add the number of bags you require and pay for your baggage using either Visa, Mastercard, American Express or a flynas Voucher.

Yes, you will be charged for each additional bag and/or each additional kilo in weight over your allowance.

You can remove any extra baggage from your booking up to 12 hours before your scheduled departure time, either by using the “Manage my Booking” option on flynas.com or calling our Contact Center. The extra baggage will be deleted from your booking and the relevant fees will be placed in a credit shell for your future use.
No, you can receive a credit for unused extra baggage but only if this is amended on your booking at least 12 hours before your scheduled departure time.

If you arrive at your destination and your baggage is missing or damaged, you must contact our airport representative before leaving the baggage hall. You will be asked to complete a PIR (Passenger Irregularity Report), this is a standard form, used by all airlines around the world and without this we will be unable to trace your bag(s) or process any compensation. Our airport representative will give you a copy of the completed PIR and will advise you on next steps, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team on +966112611126 or by email customerservices@flynas.com

No, we are pleased to offer a discount to children aged from 2 to 11 years (inclusive). The discounts vary depending on the fare and the route but can be up to 50% off our standard fares.
Sorry, we are unable to accept unaccompanied children on flynas. All children under the age of twelve years may travel only if they are accompanied by a person of fifteen years of age or over and who will take responsibility for the minor as their parent, legal guardian or companion.

The safety of our guests is our primary concern, therefore based on medical advice we are unable to accept infants who are less than 8 days old on flynas.

If you are travelling with an infant aged under 2 years old they should be seated on your lap during the flight, you will be charged a small admin fee.

Yes, however, our crew are not permitted to re-heat any food or liquids not purchased from flynas.
Yes, we offer web check-in for flights from all KSA airports and Dubai. Web Check-in is open 48 hours before departure and closes 4 hours before departure. When checking in online you will have the option of receiving your boarding pass as a QR code on your smartphone and/or you can print a hard copy at home. If you are travelling with cabin baggage only you can avoid the queues and go straight to the boarding gate where our staff will verify your travel documents and ID.
Yes, flynas offers you the flexibility to select your preferred seat as part of the booking and web check-in processes. please note that all seats will incur an additional fee.
flynas check-in counters open 5 hours before scheduled departure time and close 45 minutes before scheduled departure time. Guests travelling on large Group Bookings are requested to arrive at check-in at least 4 hours before their departure time so as not to delay the processing of their documentation and baggage.
If you are travelling within KSA you must carry your Saudi ID/Iqama or your passport. For international flights, GCC citizens may travel with their National ID, all other guests must carry their passports and relevant entry/exit visas. For full details on the documents required for your specific nationality and destination please check with your local consulate.

If you are late arriving at the Boarding gate your booking will be cancelled and no refund due.

Where possible we will contact you to advise of any delays or cancellations in advance of travel. Please ensure you provide your full contact details (including a mobile which will be available during your trip) when you book, if we are unable to contact you regarding any delays or cancellations our liability to you may be reduced.
In the unfortunate event of a flight cancelation you will be offered the following options: Move to alternative flight or date. If no suitable alternative flight, you may cancel your booking; balance will be held in credit for one year refund of the full tariff.
Yes, where possible we will contact you to advise of any delays or cancellations in advance of travel. Please ensure you provide your full contact details (including a mobile which will be available during your trip) when you book, if we are unable to contact you regarding any delays or cancellations our liability to you may be reduced. at the time of making the redemption. Unused Credit Shells with flynas can also be used as an alternative to Credit Cards.

We are constantly striving to deliver the highest standards of service to all guests. However, if you believe you received a poor service please call our Customer Service Unit on +966112611126 or email us at customerservice@flynas.com.

flynas wishes all guests a safe and healthy trip, however, some may need additional assistance or require medical confirmation that they are fit to fly. If you need to pre-book a wheelchair or have any questions regarding yourself or someone travelling with you, please call our Contact Center on 9200 01234 and they will assist with your booking.

Yes, subject to the following conditions: if your pregnancy is up to 27 weeks (inclusive) you may travel without a doctor’s certificate. For pregnancy of between 28 weeks to 36 weeks you may be accepted for travel provided a valid doctor’s certificate or MEDIF is produced at time of check in. Your doctor’s certificate or MEDIF must be dated not less than 7 days before the date of your departure and must state the number of weeks of pregnancy and confirming the expectant mother is fit to fly. Certificates from registered midwives will not be acceptable. Click here to download and complete our MEDIF form. pregnancy of 36 weeks will not be accepted for travel. flynas does not accept any liability for any complications or medical events associated with your pregnancy arising from travel on our aircraft.

If you, or anyone travelling with you, is a guest with special needs, for example someone who has recently undergone surgery, is receiving medical treatment, whose mobility is reduced or who suffers from any sensory/locomotory/intellectual disability, you will require prior approval from us at the time of your booking to travel on flynas. A valid doctor’s certificate will be required, stating the nature of the illness and declaring the guest fit to fly on the specified dates of travel. If a guest with special needs requires the presence of a Care Assistant they will be required to make a booking on flynas and pay the relevant tariff. guests with special needs must book their flight via the Contact Center at least 24 hours in advance of travel. We will try our best to accommodate such requests; however, flynas reserves the right to decline such guests should appropriate medical assistance or documentation be unavailable.

Yes, but availability is limited so this must be pre-arranged with our Contact Center at least 24 hours before travel.

Wheelchairs are provided for free in airports within Saudi Arabia, however, a charge may be made for wheelchairs provided in other airports.

Yes, but we can only accept folding, non-electric wheelchairs. Your wheelchair will be checked-in with your hold baggage at the counter (no additional baggage fee will be charged) and you will be provided with another wheelchair for use within the airport.

You may carry essential medications in your cabin baggage, please ensure you have a letter from your Doctor or hospital as airport security may require confirmation that you are permitted to carry said items. flynas cannot be held responsible for any items removed from baggage by security personnel or any official authority.

The airport is only able to provide emergency medical services, if you are in doubt as to whether you are fit to travel please contact your doctor for advice.
You can either choose to check-in your stroller with your baggage, or if more convenient you may use your stroller in the airport and hand it to one of our staff before boarding. You will be provided with a tag and the stroller will either be available for collection when you leave the aircraft at your destination or can be collected from the baggage carousel.
If you are still at the airport please notify staff at the baggage counter, alternatively please call our Contact Center on 9200 01234.
No, all flynas flights are non-smoking.

Yes, we offer a selection of hot meals and cold snacks/salads which can be pre-ordered up to 72 hours before you fly.

Yes, we have a selection of premium perfumes and gifts for sale.

Yes, you may use your laptop or mobile once the seat belt signs have been switched off. Your wireless connection must be switched off (known as “Airplane” mode) and you must obey any requests from our flight attendants to switch off electrical equipment at any time during your flight.

flynas Business fares offer flexibility to change or cancel your trip up to 4 hours before travel and a generous hold baggage allowance of 2 bags of 25kg each. In addition, they include the following benefits: Extra generous 48” seat pitch, soft leather seats, free onboard meal, free Executive Lounge access and free seat selection.
flynas Economy fares offer flexibility to change or cancel your trip up to 4 hours before travel and a hold baggage allowance of 1 bag of max 20kg. If you wish to check-in more baggage you can pre-book an additional bag up to 12 hours before departure and save up to 50% on airport fees.
The quickest way to cancel your booking is to visit flynas.com. Click on ‘Manage my Booking’ and after retrieving your booking, click on ‘cancel flight’, which appears at the top in left column. Please note a fee will be charged for cancellation and any remaining balance held in a credit shell for your future use. click here for our fare rules, cancellation fees and time limits for cancellations. Alternatively, you can call our Contact Center on 9200 01234 or visit one of our sales offices.
Visit flynas.com and click on ‘Manage my Booking’. After retrieving your booking, select from the options in the left column. The changes you make are subject to the fare rules and time limits of the fare you have booked and the terms and conditions of any additional services you have booked. click here to view our fare rules.
All flynas bookings have a two-hour grace period, when changes, but not cancellations, may be made with no penalty (fare difference may be charged). If you make a mistake, simply visit flynas.com and click on “Manage My Booking” or call the Contact Center for assistance.