flynas is the only low cost carrier in Saudi Arabia, operating flights from its hubs in Riyadh and Jeddah to domestic airports in Saudi Arabia and international destinations in Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Turkey, Sudan, Bahrain and the UAE.


1) What aircraft do flynas operate?



1) Do children pay full fare on flynas?

2) Can my child fly on flynas without an adult?

3) Is there a minimum age for infants to fly?

4) Do I have to book a seat for my infant?

5) May I take liquid baby food on board?



1) Can I check-in online?

2) Can I reserve my seat when I check-in online?

3) When do flynas check-in counters open/close?

4) What documents do I need when travelling?

5) What if I am late to the Boarding Gate?

6) What happens if my flight is delayed?



1) What options will I be offered if my flynas flight is cancelled?

2) Will I be contacted in advance if my flight is delayed or cancelled?

3) I received poor service from flynas, how can I file a complaint?



1) Can I take my baby stroller onboard?

2) What should I do if I leave property on the aircraft?

3) Can I smoke onboard?

4) Can I choose my onboard meal?

5) Do flynas offer any gifts for sale onboard?

6) Can I use my laptop or mobile during the flight?



1) How do I find out flynas fares and departure times?

2) Can I see the flynas schedule and timetable for all available flights?

3) How can I get the cheapest fare?

4) Can I choose my seat when I book my flight?

5) How can I pay for my flynas flight?

6) What is meant by the term Credit Shell?

7) Is my credit card and personal information safe when booking online?

8) What and where is the credit/debit card verification number?

9) I have a promotion code, how can I use it?

10) Can my pet fly?

11) What if I miss my flight?

12) Are meals included in the fare?

13) Does flynas offer any group discounts?

14) Does flynas offer any additional services so I can create my own trip?

15) Can I go to the airport without having a booking?

16) How can I find my nearest flynas sales office?



1) What is included in my Business Fare?

2) What is included in my Economy fare?



1) I would like to cancel my booking, how do I do this?

2) I would like to make changes to my booking. How do I do this?

3) What if I made a mistake when booking on



1) How much baggage can I take into the cabin?

2) How much baggage can I check-in?

3) Can I check-in larger baggage, such as sports equipment?

4) Are there any restrictions on what I can carry in my cabin baggage?

5) Can I pack valuables in my hold baggage?

6) Can I add extra baggage to my booking?

7) I forgot to add extra baggage when I booked, can I add it later?

8) Will I be charged if I travel with more than my permitted baggage allowance?

9) I have purchased extra baggage but now do not need it, will I receive a refund?

10) If I purchased extra baggage but when I checked-in I didn’t use the total weight/number of bags, will I receive a refund?

11) My baggage is delayed, damage or missing, what should I do?


1) How do I make arrangements for special needs and/or assistance?

2) Can I travel on flynas if pregnant?

3) Do I need a medical certificate to travel on flynas?

4) Can flynas provide me with a wheelchair at the airport?

5) Are there any additional charges for wheelchairs?

6) Can I use my own wheelchair?

7) Can I carry and use medical items on board?

8) Is any kind of medical assistance available at the airport?