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03 Sep 2013
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  • Whether you are travelling with just cabin baggage or hold baggage too, please read below for more information on baggage allowances and restrictions. Baggage Allowance refers to the baggage you are permitted to travel with free of charge - this will vary depending on the fare you have purchased, please read our flynas Fare Regulations for full details. To save up to 50% on our Excess Baggage fees click here to pre-book your excess baggage. 

          Hold baggage on flynas

    Cabin Baggage

    Each Customer can carry one (1) piece of cabin baggage with maximum dimensions of 56cm H, 36cm W, 23cm D and a maximum weight of 7kg. You may also carry a small laptop case or handbag which must be small enough to fit under the seat in front of you. If your Cabin Baggage exceeds the maximum dimensions or weight, or if we decide it is not safe, you must check it in as Hold Baggage. Excess Baggage fees will be charged if your Hold Baggage exceeds your Baggage Allowance. Please note that due to airport security procedures you are restricted to 100ml of each Liquid, Aerosol and/or Gel in your Cabin Baggage. These must be carried in a transparent re-sealable plastic bag with a maximum capacity of 500ml. This excludes medicines and infant food.

    Hold Baggage

    Business Class Customers may check-in up to two (2) pieces of Hold Baggage with maximum dimensions of 75cm H, 50cm W, 33cm D and a maximum weight of 25kg each. If you wish to check-in additional items and/or weight these will be accepted subject to space availability and the payment of Excess Baggage fees.

    On all flynas routes except Cairo, flynas Economy Class Customers may check-in 1 bag with maximum dimensions of 75cm H, 50cm W, 33cm D and a maximum weight of 20kg. If you wish to check-in an additional bag you can save up to 50% by paying for your Excess Baggage in advance of travel, simply click here to add a bag to your flight booking or call our contact centre on 9200 01234.

    On flynas flights to Cairo, Economy Class passenger are entitled to check-in two (2) bags with maximum dimensions of 75cm H, 50cm W, 33cm D and a maximum weight of 23kg each. Business Class travellers may check in two (2) bags with maximum dimensions of 75cm H, 50cm W, 33cm D and a maximum weight of 32kg each.

    Please note that international safety standards restrict flynas from accepting any single item of Hold Baggage over 32kg in weight.

    You must present your Hold Baggage at the check-in counter when you arrive at the airport for your flight, please ensure all items have are tagged for identification.

    When you check-in your Hold Baggage we will give you a “Baggage Identification Tag” for each piece, this is your receipt which you must keep until you collect your baggage at your destination.

    Excess Baggage

    The acceptance and carriage of Excess Baggage will be up to flynas’ sole discretion in accordance with the flynas baggage allowance policy and cannot be guaranteed.

    If you plan to travel with more than your Hold Baggage Allowance you can save up to 50 per cent by paying in advance. Simply click here to add to your flight booking or to connect with our Contact Centre simply call +966 920001234 (toll free KSA only) or +966 114349000 (for international customers).

    Excess Baggage Fees are charged as follows:

    ROUTE Pre-Paid Bag
    of max 20kg
    Airport per Bag
    of 20kg
    Airport per kg
    over permitted
    max kg
    Hold Baggage
    SR145 SR225 SR40 SR100

    A maximum of two (2) additional pieces of Hold Baggage may be purchased in advance of travel at the above rates. Any pieces or additional weight not pre-paid will be charged at the Airport rates.

Restricted Items

Full details of restricted items can be found in our Terms and Conditions, click here for more information.

Collecting Your Hold Baggage

On arrival at your destination your Hold Baggage will be sent from the aircraft to the baggage hall. In our larger airports there will be several carousels so please check the information boards to find out which carousel your baggage will be delivered to. You must collect your Hold Baggage as soon as we have made it available to you at your destination airport. If you do not collect it within a reasonable time, we may charge you a storage fee. If you do not claim your Hold Baggage within three (3) months from the date we make it available, we may dispose of it without any or the least liability on us.

Lost Baggage

If you cannot find your Hold Baggage at your arrival airport please speak to our representative in the Baggage Hall, usually this will be at the Baggage Desk but any member of the airport staff will be able to assist you.

If your Hold Baggage cannot be found you must complete a PIR form, this is a standard form used by all airlines to register Lost Baggage. The PIR form must be completed in the Baggage Hall and signed by our representative. If you leave the Baggage Hall without completing a PIR form we will be unable to process any request for compensation.

Oversized Baggage or Sporting Equipment

Please note that if you are travelling with any non-standard or over-sized items of baggage (those larger than 158CM H+W+D), they will incur a SAR100 handling fee at the check-in counter.

flynas Cargo Service

You may transport your baggage using our Cargo Service. This service is most useful on flights that have a restricted flynas baggage allowance or a seasonal embargo on excess baggage, please refer to the Cargo Service at Please contact our Cargo Service in advance of your travel for information and/or to make arrangements for transporting your baggage via cargo.